GOP headquarters vandalized

The District II headquarters of the Mohave County Republican Party Central Committee, in the 1100 block of Hancock Road in Bullhead City, was the target of vandalism for the second time in six weeks and the third time in less than a year. Someone broke out one of the front windows late Thursday night or early Friday morning. The case reportedly remains under investigation by the Bullhead City Police Department.

BULLHEAD CITY — For the second time in a little more than a month — and for the third time in the past year — the Bullhead City headquarters of the Mohave County Republican Party has been vandalized.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” said Royanne Ortiz, District II director for the Mohave County Republican Central Committee. “It’s perplexing to me.”

Ortiz said that when she arrived at the headquarters at 1185 Hancock Road around 7:30 a.m. Friday, she found “shards of glass all over the room.”

She said someone had taken an unknown object and made a significant hole one of the front windows facing Hancock Road.

“Half of it ended up in here,” she said of the glass pieces that were spread throughout the front of the office. “I’ve got to call, for a third time, and get a window fixed. This is getting old. And expensive. We’ve spent $1,000 on getting windows replaced.”

Bullhead City Police did not respond Friday to a request for information on the investigation into the vandalism. It is not known whether it was a targeted location — as many believe — or if any other businesses in the area had been vandalized.

Ortiz said video surveillance from a nearby building may provide useful information. She said she had not seen the video.

“I’m just hopeful the video caught them,” she said.

She theorized that the vandal or vandals did their damage from the sidewalk in front of the building, which was not occupied at the time of the vandalism; in late May, someone in a vehicle passing the location around 7:20 p.m. on a Thursday apparently fired or threw some type of projectile through a different front window — while six people were in the building.

Ortiz said no object was found that could be associated with the damage this time around, meaning that it is possible whoever vandalized the

building removed it from the scene, or used something other than a rock or brick, directly striking the window rather than hurling an object at it.

“We don’t know anything yet,” she said.

Ortiz said surveillance video from the earlier incident showed a black SUV with California license plates in the vicinity. The video didn’t give a clear definition of the plates to help authorities. It wasn’t clear if the police have any leads in the May 28 vandalism.

Ortiz said the damaged window was boarded up by plywood — “We had it around from the last time,” she said — and now she is trying to get a window replaced for the third time in less than a year.

“I didn’t think we had people that would do stuff like that here,” she said. “If it turns out to be anybody local, I will be disappointed. It’s just very disappointing that anybody would do this.”

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Desert Bat

I was going to say something about Joe Biden trying to get into the Republican headquarters - having having become muddled concerning which party he is supposed to be representing - but this doesn't seem to be the occasion for humour. I hope the local Republican facility has no further such incidents and I hope that Joe Biden gets the help he needs.


A window into the soul.


It's what the left do. Has the Dem building been defaced. NO we have more class than that.


"“I don’t know what’s going on,” said Royanne Ortiz?" Are you kidding me? Royanne must be a very naive person based on this comment. The criminals that busted your window are very likely punk kids that associate with the radical, anarchist, fascist part of the Blue Team. In other words part of the rioter groups that "use" the protests to somehow make it OK to burn, break and cause criminal acts in the name of "social justice" and if you are a member of the Red Team, you deserve nothing short of losing your business, your home and possibly your life because Orange Man Bad is the devil. These "people" are simply thugs and reprobates and can only be stopped one the authorities throwing them in jail. And that's why local Blue Team leaders are trying to replace police officers with a bunch of liberal social workers that won't and can't do a darned thing about criminal behavior. You are either for America or against it. Act accordingly...

Desert Bat

I usually try to dilute whatever it is I am drinking before posting comments.

Cyber Liberty

I think Royanne Ortiz is smarter than to throw accusations like that around without evidence yet. May I suggest switching to decaf?



Hello this is Johnny Dollar

Johnny, there's been a break-in at the GOP headquarters in Bullhead City!

Johnny : I'll grab my fishing poll and maybe we can find out who stole the printer?

How do you know it's a printer Johnny?

The printer would have all the pertinent info in memory? A computer would have a lot of un-necessary junk on it?

Good thinking Johnny, and about that expense account?

Johnny : I think we're gonna need a bigger boat?

Your truly, Johnny Dollar

( this has been a parody)

Kenn Stark

Bad location! President not helping your cause either!

Cyber Liberty

You have a point. Maybe Biden's basement bunker has an extra room. Can you ask for us at your next DNC meeting?


There are far more Trump supporters here than Dumborats, so watch what you do! You will be hunted like the pig you are


Maybe buy a video camera after the 2nd window break...go red team.


Any vandalism any where is wrong, hopefully the police can track down & prosecute, if in fact from California stay there & do your destruction!!


Interesting that the Phoenix HQ of the Democratic Party was torched last night and the Mohave Daily News hasn't reported about it yet?

Did the Fire destroy evidence related to the Bullhead burglary; or was it retaliation? So far neither "group" has taken credit for either of these actions.

Long way to election day and you wonder what will happen next???

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