Dr. Ted E. Bear gives a fist bump to one of the kindergartners during the Teddy Bear Clinic on Thursday at the Valley View Medical Center in Fort Mohave.

FORT MOHAVE — Valley View Medical Center welcomed kindergartners from various schools to tour the hospital.

The Teddy Bear Clinic event featured several different workshops for kindergartners such as nutrition, the process of getting a cast on, how a pulse oximeter works and other medical-related topics.

“This event is special to me because it is a family affair,” said Johanna Jiron, wife of Valley View CEO Feliciano Jiron and an educator with the Clark County School District in Laughlin.

The Jirons implemented the program several years ago as a way to help schoolchildren understand hospitals aren’t as scary as they look on television. The entire Jiron family joins in: All four of their children, Maximus, McKenzie, Nieve, and Gunnar, play very important roles in the continued success of the program.

“I put together the lesson plans for the Teddy Bear Clinic,” said Johanna Jiron. 

“We do this so that if any of these kids find themselves at the hospital they don’t have a traumatic experience because they know what’s going

to happen.”

Johanna said that a couple of years ago a little girl came to the hospital two days after she had been part of the Teddy Bear Clinic.

“That could have been a scary moment but because she had gone through the program early in the week she still remembered all the people that she met,” said Sharon.

Now that her children are older, Johanna said that they are more involved in clinic. Johanna said that her oldest son helps out with the logistics of the event, her oldest daughter likes to help with the lesson plans and one of her twins was in the Teddy Bear costume while her other twin was dressed in a doctor’s attire.

“This also allows kids to see and talk to people who work in the health care industry and potentially pique their interest in working in the industry when they grow older,” said Johanna.

The kindergartens not only received a tour of the hospital but they received a goody bag as well that included a stethoscope, hat and a teddy bear. 

Johanna said that the hospital paid 100% of the cost for the kindergartners to be part of the Teddy Bear Clinic.

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