BULLHEAD CITY — Lance Cpl. Justin Vancil of the United States Marine Corps and his wife, Savannah Hurns-Vancil, ended a short visit to the Tri-state today. Vancil, 20, recently finished overseas service in Australia and Hurns-Vancil, 21, will give birth next month to a boy.

The couple plan to name him Jaxson Cade.

Tri-State Military Moms, Inc., threw a surprise party Sunday afternoon for Vancil, a U.S. Marine on active duty, so family and friends here could wish the couple well before they set off to begin the next chapter in their lives at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Vancil is stationed there and will be part of the camp’s combat logistics operations.

It was a welcome-home and have-a-safe-trip party for the young couple with a potluck meal and a large helping of appreciation. 

Tri-State Military Moms found a way to get Vancil to Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 10005 for the event, which was a surprise party — at least for him. His wife asked the Military Moms if they could recognize his efforts in the corps.

The Patriot Guard Riders brought Vancil from Fort Mohave to the Bullhead City VFW post accompanied by 10 or so motorcycle riders. Local law enforcement escorted Vancil and his motorcycle entourage.

After the group arrived at the VFW post everyone patriotically welcomed Vancil outside. Then they all went inside and proceeded to thank him — and his family — for his service to the nation.

Groups provided the couple with gift cards for various chain restaurants. Hurns-Vancil, her mother and mother-in-law each received a bouquet of flowers. Hurns-Vancil also was given a stuffed animal for the soon-to-arrive baby and a “Baby Boy” balloon containing some custom design: a USMC logo carefully set into the “o” in “Boy.” 

The Teddy bear itself was wearing a camouflage tie with another Marines logo on it.

Members of the Colorado River Chapter-First Marine Division Association and VFW also presented Vancil with some thank-you items.

Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady presented Vancil with a key to the city and a certificate of appreciation for his service to the country. He pointed out that there are more than 7,000 military veterans who live between the Laughlin and Veteran’s Memorial bridges. 

Tri-State Military Moms also go out of their way to provide recognition to the relatives of active military members. Members of the organization have experience in worrying about their loved ones in the military. Spouses’ and children’s lives are highly dictated by their loved ones’ assignments. 

Vancil’s Tri-State Military Moms street banner with his name and photograph went up in Bullhead City last spring. 

He and his wife both attended River Valley High School. He entered the USMC in August of 2017, right after graduation.

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