BULLHEAD CITY — Mohave Electric Cooperative is warning its members to be aware of a possible scam.

MEC was recently contacted by a concerned member who was receiving low-balance alerts for a Mohave Prepaid account despite the member having a credit.

The recorded voicemail received sounds similar to the MEC message, mentions that the call is from Mohave Electric, and included a fictitious amount remaining on the Mohave Prepaid account.

Following some research, MEC determined that no outgoing calls had been made to the member.

An online search of the number used to call the member was linked to some scam calls purporting to be from the IRS, utility spokesman Zen Mocarski said.

A genuine MEC notification message will never provide an exact dollar amount, Mocarski said, and will direct the member to sign in to SmartHub to check the current balance on his or her account.

MEC will never ask for payment over the phone, he said.

“Do not provide personal or bank information over the phone unless you are 100% sure you know who you’re talking to,” said Tyler Carlson, chief executive officer of MEC. “If you aren’t sure, hang up the phone and call the business in question. We want our members to have the information needed to avoid falling victim to scams such as this.”

Members may call 928-763-1100 to verify their account status. After-hours inquiries should go to the outage number, 844-632-2667. 

If the caller selects option “1,” the outage reporting menu will be heard, but pressing “0” at any time will redirect the call to an operator.

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