Caleb Fearing

Caleb Fearing, a junior at Mohave High School, is a candidate for the three-person presidency of the Arizona Association of Student Councils. The three-year class president plans to attend the University of Arizona and major in business, possibly with a focus on entrepreneurship. 

BULLHEAD CITY — Caleb Fearing is running for president.

The Mohave High School junior class president has made it onto the ballot for the three-person presidency of the Arizona Association of Student Councils; the election is at the state conference in late January.

Each year, juniors from the student councils at member schools apply to be on the ballot to lead the organization for the next school year. The association’s executive board reviews the applications and chooses nine candidates for the ballot. Each school gets three votes. 

“A lot of people find their calling in high school,” Fearing said. “(Student council) has kinda been my thing since freshman year.”

He said his decision to run for the state presidency stems from a desire to “do as much as I can for an organization that has done so much for me.”

Fearing said being on student council has helped him become more outgoing and more comfortable in public settings, as well as exposing him to new experiences and helpful motivational speakers.

“It’s become my home away from home,” he said.

Each candidate will give a speech at the conference.

Fearing said he wants to show voters that he will represent the entire organization and serve as its face.

“I’m trying to be pretty confident about the whole thing,” he said. “I gotta get everyone to remember me when the voting comes around.”

His mother, Carey Fearing, said he’s having a stellar year: Caleb Fearing has been selected for the National Rural Electric Cooperative’s June youth tour, a weeklong all-expenses-paid educational trip to Washington.

He’s also taking all honors courses, heading up the Bleacher Creatures spirit club, participating in the campus Interact Club, donating time to the Boys & Girls Club of the Colorado River and playing junior varsity basketball.

Student council adviser David Lipinski has known Caleb Fearing for several years.

“What makes Caleb presidential is his ability to communicate with a lot people from different demographics,” Lipinski said. “His ability to listen to his peers and make decisions. He takes everybody into consideration.” 

Lipinski described Fearing as humble and hard-working. He said that part of Fearing’s responsibility as junior class president is putting on the prom, a task for which he already has developed strategies and begun fundraising.

Lipinski said Fearing is probably the first MHS student to be on the state ballot, and that he believes Fearing has a significant chance of winning election to the presidency.

“In the last several years, he’s really built his ability to reach out to his classmates to see what they want,” he said. “The kid has a huge heart for his friends but at the same time for people in general. He truly wants what’s best for his generation.”

Lipinski said Fearing has had the state presidency as a goal since his freshman year.

“We’re gonna do everything we can to see him get elected,” he said.

Carey Fearing said she’s very proud of her oldest child.

“I always raised him to shoot for the stars, and nothing’s out of reach,” she said. “To see him do things like this, and not be afraid to dream ... is something I am proud of. I’m excited to see what he does next.”

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