Alexander Muchow

Alexander Muchow

KINGMAN — A Mohave County firefighter was indicted Thursday on 13 felony counts in two drug cases.

A Mohave County grand jury indicted Alexander Van Muchow on six counts of possession of dangerous drugs for sale, four counts of manufacture of a dangerous drug and three counts of possession of equipment and/or chemicals for the manufacture of a dangerous drugs.

Muchow, 29, is expected to be arraigned on the charges Nov. 7 before Superior Court Judge Doug Camacho. He is not currently in custody, according to the jail roster; he was released after a $200,000 bond was posted on his behalf.

A multi-agency task force arrested Muchow on Oct. 4 at a Wallach Ranch Road home in Kingman after Homeland Security agents delivered 25 pounds of dimethyltryptamine, known as DMT, to the home.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency classifies DMT as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substance Act.

Sheriff’s detective Aaron Devries said Muchow was involved in full-scale drug cooking operations when Homeland Security executed a controlled delivery of 25 kilograms of drug production chemicals that had been ordered from the Netherlands through the internet. Devries said Muchow was detained when he tried to flee from a back door in his residence.

More than six pounds of DMT were found in the home. About 100 LSD tablets and a pound of hallucinogenic mushrooms also were confiscated. Officers also found 100 San Pedro cacti in the backyard in different stages of growth. The cacti is used to produce mescaline, according to Kingman police

The street value of all the drugs seized was about $3.5 million. Kingman Deputy Police Chief Rusty Cooper said some of the drugs had been packaged for unidentified cross-country destinations.

A HAZMAT team assisted in the cleanup of the clandestine lab, KPD stated.

Muchow is a 10-year veteran as a firefighter and paramedic with the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District, He had been placed on administrative leave.

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And I pray for our firefighters and police every night, but I dont think this is what I had in mind. Regardless I well continue to pray for the men and women who put on a uniform every day and face a world that to seem to have turn upside down


Great job officers!

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