Ron Gould

Ron Gould

YUCCA — Mohave County Sup. Ron Gould is running for re-election as the representative for District 5, which includes portions of areas in western Mohave County south of Bullhead City as well as northern Lake Havasu City.

The Yucca Republican, a former state legislator, is unwavering and proud of his fiscal and political philosophy.

“I’m a fiscal conservative. I believe in limited government,” Gould said in a recent interview. “I want government so small that I could drown it in a bathtub. I think government has too big of an effect on our lives and that most people can run their lives effectively without government intervention.”

Gould said he opposes what he calls corporate welfare and government use of incentives to attract or subsidize business. He said the economy should operate free and unbridled by government.

Known for his refusal to raise taxes, Gould explained he would not approve an increase in the primary property tax levy when a poor economy results in declining assessed value of the tax base to maintain government services. He said citizens already are suffering in that instance and should not bear the additional burden of a tax bump.

Gould said he put that philosophy in play when he served in the Arizona state Senate for more than a decade when the legislature cut the budget and government services during what evolved into a prolonged recession.

“They had inflated the budget up to $11.3 billion at the state level and we had to cut it back to $9 billion,” Gould said. “For me, I got no joy in playing hatchet man, but I also got no fame for playing ‘look what I brung ya’ because I wasn’t running up spending as the balloon inflated. They dragged me kicking and screaming up the spending slope.”

Originally from California, Gould moved to Mohave County in 1995, establishing an air conditioning and heating service company in Lake Havasu City. He served on the Lake Havasu City Council and was elected to the Arizona Senate in 2004, representing the 3rd District. He was re-elected in 2006, 2008 and 2010 before he was termed out by state law after serving for eight years.

He then ran for Congress, challenging Paul Gosar in the 2012 GOP primary for the newly redrawn 4th District seat.

While in the state Senate, Gould repeatedly was scored high by the Goldwater Institute, Americans for Prosperity and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers, who all ranked him as the most conservative Arizona state senator.

Gould said interested constituents and others can coordinate communication and meetings by working through offices he maintains in Fort Mohave and Lake Havasu.

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Ron Gould recently used bogus statistics to support his extreme homophobic rhetoric, claiming that being gay kills. He recently voted against building a new much-needed animal shelter to house lost and homeless animals and reduce euthanasia. As a state senator, he refused refused to hear bills on for-profit private prison oversight or sentencing reform in his Judiciary Committee. Senator Gould, who had one of the worst records in the legislature on animal protection, twice killed a bill to ban the roadside sale of animals. Despite his claims of being a pro-taxpayer politician, Gould clearly does not support his local animal shelter or lowering costs to taxpayers in his own community and rural counties throughout Arizona.

Blase Bauer

Ya no thanks, you have proven time and time again your are NOT pro Law Enforcement by your votes and reckless comments... Time for you to retire AGAIN.

justice for all

Endorsed by Goldwater tells A LOT . We do not need another temple trotter in government in AZ. Go to Utah. The ONLY take care of themselves and he will vote with them on every issue , wake up AZ !

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