BULLHEAD CITY — A non-partisan primary election will be held Aug. 4 in Bullhead City for the purpose of electing four members to each serve four-year terms on the Bullhead City Council.  

The seven candidates running for election are Daniel J. Alfonzo, Kathy Bruck, Norma Brummett, Mark Clark, Eva Corbett, Gerald Ross and Waheed Zehri.

Voter registration for the August election will close on Monday. 

Citizens can register to vote online at ServiceArizona.com, or through the Mohave County Recorder’s website. 

People can complete a paper form and mail it to Mohave County Voter Registration. 

Voter registration forms are available at Bullhead City Hall. Citizens have until Oct. 5 to register to vote in the general election on Nov. 3.

On July 8, ballots will be mailed to voters who have signed up for a one-time, vote-by-mail ballot or permanent early voting. 

Citizens have until July 24 to apply for a mail-in ballot. Applications can be completed on the Mohave County Recorder’s webpage, or by completing a paper form and mailing it to the Mohave County Recorder.

Early voting in-person begins July 8 through July 31 at the Mohave County Public Library, 1170 Hancock Road in Bullhead City, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

To update your address, obtain information on your voter status, or if you do not know whether you are qualified to vote in this election, contact the Mohave County Recorder’s Office at 928-753-0767, or access the information online through Mohave County’s web site. 

Citizens also may contact the Bullhead City Clerk’s Office for assistance at 928- 763-9400, ext. 468, or email City Clerk Sue Stein at sstein@bullheadcity.com.

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