KINGMAN — A gender-conflicted defendant who engaged in sexual  activity with a 5-year-old boy was ordered to the Arizona Department of Corrections state prison on Wednesday.

Judge Billy Sipe imposed an eight-year prison sentence for 41-year-old Danielle Tatianna Moran.

The defendant, who was born a male but self-identifies as female, appeared in pigtails for the hearing. Sipe and attorneys used female pronouns in referencing Moran, though she is listed as a male at the county jail.

There was no dispute that Moran admitted touching the boy and having the boy return touching when Moran was residing with the victim’s parents. Moran pleaded guilty to two charges that were reduced to attempted child molestation.

Defense attorney Robin Puchek said Moran was sexually abused as a child and suffers a host of mental health issues ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and personality disorder to gender dysphoria.

Prosecutor Jefferson Pyper urged the court to order a 15-year sentence for taking advantage of the boy.

“This is not a one-time offense,” Pyper said. “This happened on multiple occasions and involved different types of offenses.”

Puchek noted that the victim’s father requested clemency for Moran.

Sipe said 343 days for time served in the county jail shaved nearly  a year off the eight-year prison sentence. He ruled that Moran shall serve lifetime probation upon release.

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[scared][scared]The father asked for clemency??? Wow, sort of makes me wonder if its not something the father does as well than? Cause what parent lets someone hurt their child like that and it be ok with them doing it?[thumbdown]

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