KINGMAN — A Lake Havasu City woman intends to testify against the man who fathered the child they’re accused of killing a little more than two years ago.

Brittany Rodriquez, 27, and Andrew Lamorie, 24, both remain jailed awaiting trial in the January 2018 death of 27-month old Gabriella Lamorie.

An autopsy determined that Gabriella Lamorie suffered blunt-force head and neck trauma and her death was ruled a homicide. The girl was malnourished and weighed only 14 pounds when she died at a Las Vegas hospital.

Public defender Robin Puchek said he recently was informed that Rodriquez wants to testify at Lamorie’s trial.

“I just found out last week that she has agreed to testify against him without a testimonial deal,” Puchek said. “That’s unprecedented. I’ve not seen this in 20 years.”

Prosecutor Jacob Cote agreed that it is highly unusual for one defendant to testify against a co-defendant when not provided some incentive or benefit detailed under terms of a plea agreement. Cote confirmed that Rodriquez has indicated that she still wants to testify against Lamorie, even though she has been unable to reach a deal with the state.

Rodriquez’s attorney, Ron Gileo, was unavailable for comment.

Lamorie’s trial was scheduled to begin April 7. It was, however, continued indefinitely Monday as all jury trials have been suspended for at least two weeks, and possibly longer, under a coronavirus-related administrative order issued by the Arizona State Supreme Court.

Cote expressed doubt that Rodriquez’s trial will start April 20 as currently scheduled. He said the state prefers that Lamorie’s trial be conducted first.

Lamorie’s next court appearance is an April 27 status conference.

Cote said parties might still resolve either case by plea agreement in lieu of trial. With no formal contract testimonial deal in place, he also said Rodriquez is free to change her mind about testifying against Lamorie.

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