Nathan Strawderman

Nathan Strawderman

KINGMAN —  A Mohave Valley man is in much better position than when his kidnapping and assault trial began Tuesday, but he still faces a possible prison term following mixed verdicts returned by a Mohave County Superior Court jury in Kingman on Thursday.

Nathan Strawderman, 43, had been charged with two counts of kidnapping and six counts of aggravated assault for an October 2017 incident involving his former girlfriend, 38 at the time.

Prosecutor Jeff Haws dismissed one assault charge just before the start of trial and Judge Rick Lambert dismissed one of the kidnapping counts when attorneys finished their trial presentations, but before the jury got the case.

The jury deliberated less than 90 minutes before finding Strawderman not guilty of the remaining kidnapping count and three of the aggravated assault charges.

The panel, however, convicted Strawderman of the remaining pair of aggravated assault charges. 

Haws argued that Strawderman became violent upon learning that the woman was breaking up with him. He said the evidence showed that Strawderman restrained the woman inside and outside her home in the 1500 block of East Laguna Road and used his fists and a baseball bat to strike her.

Legal Defender Gregory Pridham countered that drug use and inconsistencies with the victim’s versions of events rendered her totally lacking in credibility.

Strawderman faces as little as probation or up to four years in prison when sentenced March 5. He spent about 15 months in custody awaiting trial.

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mary paul

This sounds so typical for the guy to skate all the charges. Females are second class citizens in Mohave County.. Every time a woman stands up for herself, who has been assaulted the woman is made to look like a tramp. He should be prosecuted.. I know the problem in this county is that they refuse to build another jail in addition to the old jail in Kingman, therefore so many offenders get away with criminal acts. Kudos to La Paz County for building a huge jail back in the 1990's, taking action to protect people from this kind of crime..

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