A line of demonstrators conduct a Black Lives Matter protest at Locomotive Park in Kingman on Tuesday. No incidents had been reported at the event, but the Arizona National Guard was called in to keep the peace at the public venue.

KINGMAN — Personnel from the Arizona National Guard have been deployed to promote peace as protesters demonstrate at a Black Lives Matter Rally in downtown Kingman.

Kingman Police Department Lt. Joel Freed said several hours of protest at Locomotive Park before lunch Tuesday were peaceful.

A few dozen demonstrators peacefully protested during the first hour of a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Kingman Tuesday. More than 20 uniformed officers and plain clothes detectives manned the perimeter of Locomotive Park while motorists viewed protest placards while driving by. Armed members of the Arizona Patriots occupied one corner of the park. 

No trouble had been reported by 2 p.m., about seven hours into the demonstration that was scheduled to end before the 8 p.m. curfew went into effect. About 150 people were in or near the park Tuesday afternoon.

Freed said the Guard is not responding to any specific threat or intelligence forecasting trouble. Police Chief Rusty Cooper said the soldiers arrived at his request.

Guard personnel arrived at the Kingman Airport by helicopter. Freed said the Guard will support local officers to ensure peace and to promote public safety.

Freed said anyone at the park will be asked to leave when curfew arrives at 8 p.m. The rally will continue Friday and Saturday between 2 and 5 p.m.

Organizer Shai Weaver reiterated that the goal is a peaceful protest and she pledged to shut it down if there’s any threat of trouble.

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Desert Bat

I would laugh if it weren't so serious to abrogate peoples' right to protest. Too bad they're only protesting George Floyd's death, rather than the 640,000 boys and girls vaporised, irradiated, shot to pieces and otherwise slaughtered in Iraq for oil and Sumerian artifacts, some of them following the September 11th terror attacks which America's and Israel's intelligence community informed you about years beforehand in their films. And since I have spent time around both those intelligence networks and can lay out where those movie scenes were drwn, you'd be well-advised to take this opportunity to re-think some things.


If they behave fine but if they start looting, bust some heads.



Bust their Heads or SHOOT em if pull that Looter B.S.


Jokes on you, nothing in Kingman worth looting, so put your rusty old gun down Bunker President lover.


LMAO U don't have to loot - to get shot or have ur head busted in kingman. No discrimination in that

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