Double Ten Day:

The city of Needles along with delegates from the Republic of China Veterans Association celebrate Double Ten Day on Thursday. Pictured are Needles community members, city councilors, city officials, area delegates of the Republic of China Veterans Association and ROC Veterans Association Chapter out of Phoenix.

NEEDLES — The City of Needles and delegates from the Republic of China Veterans Association observed Needles’ 46th Double Ten Day celebration on Thursday.

Double Ten Day is the day Republic of China celebrates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of Oct. 10, 1911, which led to the end of the Qing Dynasty in China and established the Chinese Republic on Jan. 1, 1912.

During the course of the Chinese Civil War, the government of the Republic of China lost control of mainland China, fleeing to the Island of Taiwan in December 1949. The national day is celebrated in ROC-controlled Taiwan and by many overseas Chinese.

The wind that Needles experienced Thursday did alter the programming a little bit but the celebration continued.

The Needles High School Mustang Band played the United States national anthem while George DeLeon and Needles Mayor Jeff Williams raised the flag.

Following the American flag-raising, delegates from the ROC Veterans Association raised the Chinese flag after Taiwan and the Republic of China anthems were played.

Once the flag ceremony concluded, the celebration moved indoors to the city council chamber.

During the celebration, the ROC Veterans Association presented gifts to the city of Needles, Needles Chamber of Commerce, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 404 and a $500 scholarship to the Needles High School Mustangs Band.

Williams read a proclamation stating that this was the 46th year that the city of Needles had celebrated Double Ten Day and that he encouraged residents of Needles to celebrate the day as well.

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