BULLHEAD CITY — Nothing says summer like a day at the beach.

This Fourth of July weekend, Tri-state locals and visitors have a new beach to enjoy, on the shore of the Colorado River, south of Bullhead Community Park.

The new beach drew attention early Saturday, with more than three dozen pop-up tents lining it by 11 a.m.

Sheldon Restad and Brenda Anderson were at the beach for the third or fourth time in a month and a half.

“We love the scenery,” Restad said. “The water in this area is nice, because you can actually swim in it and not be swept down the river —  just get in it and enjoy it.”

Several other visitors said the relative calm of the water in the area, just south of Laughlin Ranch Boulevard, made them more comfortable with letting children get in.

Jose Briseno, a visitor from California, said he brought his four children to the new beach instead of his previous favorite spot at Community Park because it’s safer for them; Briseno’s spot on the shoreline was less that 20 feet from where they waded.

Michele Garcia of Bullhead City said the new beach is roomier and has more parking available.

“The water’s not too fast for the kids,” she added.

Garcia said her family planned to stay at the beach “all day.” 

Adrian Lopez said that the beach served as a meeting point for family members from San Diego and Phoenix. He hadn’t been in the water himself, but said the children of the group seemed to approve.

Lopez said the word about the beach seemed to be spreading.

“It looks like as the day progresses, it’s gonna get a little more crowded,” he said.

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Just another place for snowflakes from California to trash like their state .we dont want your trash or attitudes next time stay home maybe you all won't melt


What does a beach in AZ have anything to do with CA. A typical low IQ Kingman answer

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