BULLHEAD CITY — Beginning on July 1,  a new flat fee for recording documents in the State of Arizona will go into effect.

Kristi Blair, Mohave County Recorder, said that the new flat fee went through the legislature in 2018 and was primarily pushed by the land title industry.

“The fee structure wasn’t clear to people and the land title industry wanted to make something that let customers know exactly how much fees they are going to pay,” said Blair.

According to Mohave County, the flat fee to record a document throughout Arizona will be $30 per document. 

The county stated that the change eliminates the need to determine recording fees, which previously were based on and are now inclusive of how many pages the document contains, additional indexing categories, additional reference numbers on a document, mailing the recorded document back to the customer, and the additional fee for the Affidavit of Property Value when required by the state.

“Statutes can be interpreted differently from county to county so this just puts everybody on the same page doing the same thing,” said Blair. “I think it’s a very positive move because it really simplified everything for everyone.”

The current Mohave County Recorder fees for all documents unless otherwise specified (up to five pages) is $10 and each extra page or partial page in excess of five pages is $1.

The change does not affect the fees for recording maps and plats, which will remain unchanged at $24 for both subdivision plat maps that don’t exceed 24x36 inches and survey parcel plats that are 18x24 inches. Filing of military discharges will continue to be recorded at no cost to veterans.

For more information on the fee change, contact Mohave County Recorder at 928-753-0701 or go to its website at mohavecounty.us and click on the Recorder tab under the government drop-down menu.

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