KINGMAN — Two young Kingman women staging a Black Lives Matter protest say they’ve received death threats on social media.

Shai Weaver and Naysha Powell said they have encountered resistance as they plan a peaceful assembly at Locomotive Park from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and from 2 to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Weaver said they’ve been taking screen shots of the threats and turning them over to local law enforcement officials. She said one encouraged citizens to arm themselves and use the demonstrators for target practice and sniper fire.

“We are aware of that and we are following up on those,” Kingman Police Chief Rusty Cooper said of the threats.

“We’re certainly monitoring social media. We’re hearing about the same things you mentioned. We are gearing up for the worst and hoping for the best,” said Mohave County sheriff Doug Schuster. “It’s the people’s right to protest and we’re here to support that as long as they don’t cross the line and turn that protest into looting and rioting. That will not be tolerated and we’ll shut them down as quickly as we can.”

Weaver said she and Powell have assured law enforcement that they will pull the plug on the protest if it goes awry. Schuster said he’s worried more about outsiders than he is Weaver and Powell.

“I do have a concern that outside influence may rear its ugly head as you’ve seen in other locations,” the sheriff said. Schuster and Cooper said officers visited Walmart on several occasions over the course of several hours on Sunday when it was rumored that a bus full of people had arrived intending to riot.

“We didn’t receive anything official. Everything we got was coming third- and fourth-hand,” Cooper said.

“We heard about a bus load of Antifa in the Walmart parking lot and within 10 minutes our staff is looking in the Walmart parking lot and we’re not seeing it,” Schuster said.

The police chief and sheriff said their officers were not able to substantiate the bus rumor.

Antifa is a political protest movement of groups affiliated by a militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology.

Weaver and Powell said they don’t belong to any radical groups. They said they just want to provide a venue to protest injustice across America.

“I am tired of sitting around, sitting at home, watching when African Americans die at the hands of the people that are supposed to protect, who are sworn to protect us,” Powell said. “It’s personal to me because I’m a minority myself. I am raising a black son. I have black brothers, so this feels close to home. I’ve lived in the community of Kingman and I’ve felt the racism. Not only am I African American, I’m also half Hualapai. So it comes from both sides for me.”

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So what we're doing here is causing a problem in a peaceful community where there currently isn't one. Way to stir up the crap, entitled liberal millinnials. I remember well, growing up here not much more than 25 years ago when there were a few black families in Kingman and nobody bothered them. Whatever has happened since then, it's been brought in from outside our community. How about we push back against that influence? Turns out now the racism is coming in the form of radical left. Shame we couldn't turn back the clock again to when people had the balls to stand up to this crap. No law enforcement would be needed. Kingman would have this under control as a public just fine.

Quite contrary

Hi Kingman, why do you consider a peaceful protest a problem? Have you fought for the rights of the American people? Do you agree with our foreign wars to protect other countries citizens from "legal" brutality? Just need you to think about what would happen to you if you got a $20 bill from dollar general and tried to spend it at Maverick and it turned out to be counterfeit. Are you white? So am I. You, nor i, would be murdered. We need to give support.


when donald trump ordered a chemical warfare attack (and the use of tear gas is prohibited in war zones under the Chemical Weapons Convention) on peaceful protesters so he could hold a bible upside down during a photo op, all of us are now involved. Either you oppose the use of chemical warfare against peaceful American citizens, or you might as well just get your swastika armbands at the ready.


You are part of the big problem to amplify that to "chemical warfare" and make a baseless unintelligent accusation of "You either oppose this or you may as well wear a swastika". You don't know if they were peaceful protests either if you weren't there, you only know what the biased media told you and assume it is fact than spread it out. Their was obviously damage there so it wasn't peaceful protesters only obviously.

bill ward

is there a law against attending a protest while exercising 2nd amendment rights ?

Quite contrary

Probably not. Thanks for the offer of protection but it looks like the National Guard have it under control. I'll leave mine at home if you do.

Michael 777

I just got back from the Kingman protest. Very peaceful with a hundred or so attendees. Large police presence. 80-90% of the protesters are very young women. Let's hope it stays peaceful.


Haven't we had enough of protesting, maybe people should just go back to work..


Wow, it’s so entertaining to watch all the small little minds spinning around in circles. Has anyone bothered to think about the topic of the article?? Two women who organized peaceful protests to take a stand against racism and violation of human and civil rights were targeted with death threats. Does that bother any of you?

Less than 100 people. Mostly women and children. The national guard was called. So embarrassing. Vigilantes looking for any excuse to come down with their big guns.

People want the millennials to stand down? I’m sorry to tell you, because I know how it haunts you, but they are our future. They will end racism. They will save the environment. They will have bigger, more intelligent, more worldly and more expansive minds than the tiny, shriveled up ones I’m seeing here.

How wonderful that these WOMEN created these protests and stood up to the racist bullies they are surrounded by. How wonderful that there were others brave and open hearted enough to support them and the Black Lives Matter cause by attending. They should all be very proud of what they did for their American brothers and sisters.

Michael 777

I couldn't have said it any better!

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