NEEDLES — A huge pressure vessel being transported between Paramount, Calif. and Boulder City, Nev., is expected to navigate the streets of Needles and Laughlin on Monday night.

Currently, its estimated time of arrival in Needles is about 11 p.m.

Being hauled by Barnhart Crane with one truck pulling, one truck pushing and several carriages between, the overall size of the collection of vehicles and payload is 180 feet 7 inches long, 18 feet 6 inches wide and 21 feet 11 inches high with an overall gross weight of 548,450 pounds.

Local utility workers will be lifting lines to allow passage underneath. Law enforcement personnel will be accompanying the behemoth.

The load is to enter Needles from the south via U.S 95, turning onto San Clemente and traveling up to Clary Drive at the Needles Rodeo Grounds. It’s to head down Clary to Lilyhill, traverse Lilyhill to Bailey and take Bailey to J Street.

From J Street, the procession is to enter the wrong way on the east bound Interstate 40 exit ramp and travel west bound in I-40’s east bound lanes to the West Broadway/Needles Highway exit. I-40 is to be shut down while the maneuver is undertaken.

Exiting I-40, the procession is to travel north on Needles Highway, through Laughlin to Highway 163, and then on to U.S. 95 headed for Boulder City.

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That definitely seems like the hard way. Westbound on 40 eastbound means they have to go over the overpass at the West Broadway exit to get to Needles highway. And then, through Laughlin means they're climbing the mountain on that winding road, and meeting up with 95 north, instead of just continuing on the 40 to the 95 north exit, which is shorter and flatter.

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