KINGMAN — Two young Marines were arrested last weekend after fully undressing to leap from the London Bridge into the water at Lake Havasu.

Police responded about 3:30 a.m. Saturday after a reporting party advised two naked men had been outside Kokomos at the Bridgewater Channel before they ran toward the bridge.

A security officer corroborated the civilian report when officers arrived. The naked men tried to hide when the patrol vehicle shined its headlights at them on the bridge.

“The male subjects ducked down on the outside edge of the bridge and attempted to hide,” a police report stated. “The males were crouched down behind the wall while holding onto the cement pillars of the bridge.”

Tyler Hughes, 22, of Florida, was detained at the scene while officers engaged in a brief foot chase before tackling Sean McGillivray, 18, of Maine. The latter suffered various minor abrasions when brought to the ground.

Police said the men indicated they were naked because they wanted to keep their clothes dry. Their clothes were retrieved from under some brush and the pair was jailed for indecent exposure.

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Desert Bat

I hope the judge considers their youth, service to the country, time of night when almost nobody else was around, that those two guys were from the opposite end of the country and unfamiliar with a state where you are not allowed to take all your clothes off at any time in a popular tourist resort.


They should respect our laws. Sorry, no free pass for drunk little marines, they broke laws. Treat them the same as any other drunken spring breaker.


The young men may be returning from duty in the Middle East where freedoms are very much restricted; given the time of night and the fact that alcohol was involved might mitigate a civilian complaint. That being said I'm sure the military will also have a say in the matter.....


So do you pick and choose which comments you'll post or does it just take awhile for you to get to them?

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