Poki, the desert tortoise sitting in front of the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce building on Highway 95 next to Community Park, is a frequent stop for tourists looking for a unique photo opportunity.

BULLHEAD CITY — The Bullhead City Parks and Recreation Commission decided Wednesday to stick with the City Council plan to move Poki, the desert tortoise statue, down Highway 95 to Laughlin Ranch Boulevard so Bravo, the bull statue, can be put where Poki is now — along the highway in front of the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce building.

The City Council will have final say about the placement of Poki and Bravo.

Members of the commission went on a field trip to look at various sites to place Poki, including other sites in Community Park, such as at First Street and Highway 95 and the new south beach, as well as at Rotary Park.

City Attorney Garn Emery suggested the commissioners discuss the options before making a motion concerning any of the sites.

Commissioner Jack Hakim said the beach was considered as a possible spot because it’s going to be a popular location and would be his choice.

“We wanted to find a location where you could take a picture and put it on a postcard,” he said. “A lot of people like it where it is.”

Commissioner Mark Inmon expressed concern about whether the land swap would affect placement of the statues and said the moves should be considered permanent.

“We’re the only city on the Colorado River that has a beach,” Hakim said. “We need to publicize that.”

Commissioner Terry Shurte wanted a spot that would be close to the highway and beach for the sake of security and safety.

“It’s not as if they’re garden gnomes,” she said, while pointing out that moving the statues would be costly.

Inman voted against the motion to move Poki to the northwest corner of Highway 95 and Laughlin Ranch Boulevard.

Bravo is in storage at Rotary Park along with a Bullhead City sign that will be placed with it. The commissioners were asked to approve a light blasting technique by an artist to make the bull statue’s definition more visible. The cost will be $3,800.

This recommendation will be presented to the City Council as well.

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Please leave him, or her, where it is. It's been there for 9 years and it's not bothering anyone. If it's not broken, why fix it? Don't Evict Poki!

Tami Asher

Why would they waste 3,000 or 4,000 dollars for nothing, we love it right where it is, who's talking about this away, because it doesn't make any sense, can't they do nothing right, leave pokey alone and do something worth talking about, if you want to spend money at least do something worth a conversation. Thanks


So in this "land swap" Bullhead city gets 354.2 Acres BLM gets 1,100 acres..price supposedly equal at $7.7 Million -- Hmm Ok if you say so. Now the City Council wants the citizens to pay to move 2 statues... Exactly why you can't find room on 354.2 acres to put 2 statues ? And how did the City Council get pass the DATE clause in the Land agreement with Mr. Don Laughlin "Bullhead City has been caring for and maintaining the property, to keep the value high for the land exchange that can’t take place prior to DECEMBER 15, 2020, as a result of the 2015 deal. The City council needs to STOP wasting taxes payers time an money. Leave the turtle statue as is. Put the other one at other end of park OMG problem solved.. If City council continues with this $pending $pree we need to find out who on the council is going to be benefiting from moving these 2 statues...


Why move poki, when it's been there for a long time and it looks good where it's at because of the background of the sign that says bulkhead area on It? Tourists love their pictures!! It would be better to put bravo on Laughlin ranch boulevard instead of poki plus it would save the city more money that they can use for something more useful or something that's more needed:))

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