CJ Petrowski tries to hide his smile as he displays his 10.56-pound, 31 7/8-inch striper he caught in the Rotary Park area. He was fishing from the shore using anchovies. 

BULLHEAD CITY — Patience is a key to success in many endeavors, especially fishing.

“The weather is nice and the fishing is going very well,” boasted Rusty Braun, proprietor of Riviera Marina in Bullhead City. “I do mean you have to have some patience, but we are getting fish.

“The various spots are producing some great striper activity, both up on Lake Mohave and along the shores of the Colorado River here below Davis Dam.”

Patience is paying off in the form of some keepers.

“Tom Gallant took Kaylene Burright and Christian Moran out on his boat to do some striper fishing and Kaylene landed a nice 8.08-pound striper using her brand new Zebco. What a great trip.

“They were in the lower Big Bend area using anchovies.”

The three got to show off the spoils of their venture with more than a half-dozen stripers all told.

The Big Bend area isn’t the only spot producing nice stripers. CJ Petrowski caught a 101⁄2-pounder in the Rotary Park area, also on anchovies.

“CJ was fishing from the shore in the Rotary Park area,” Braun said. “And a bit daring, he was using 8-pound test line. I would say 12 is a great size with a lot of our anglers going a bit heavier. I do know your lighter line seems to produce more bites, but you do have to have a good handle on that drag to bring them in.”

Muzzaffar Pana caught an 8-pounder on Lake Mohave near Davis Dam.

“The fishing here is producing some nice catches and the times are both day and night that seem to produce these strikes,” Braun said. “Along the Colorado River, Community Park is a great spot to throw out a line, you have a fair chance. Maybe not on the weekend at Community Park, but most of the other days and evenings.

“We have some great spots and the Nevada side near the bridge also is a great spot. Our nature center has been having some activity and I’ve heard of some smallmouth bass in the Rotary Park area.”

Braun said that fishing remains one of the area’s attractions, especially with other pursuits either restricted or shut down altogether because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are blessed to have this great opportunity to enjoy our fishing and the outdoors our area has to offer,” Braun said.

So, naturally, he encouraged those with an inclination to do so to join the fishing.

“Hope this helps some and hope we will see you in soon to share that catch and your story,” Braun said. “Now, go catch a fish.”

Braun may be reached at Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd. in Bullhead City, or by calling 928-763-8550.

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