BULLHEAD CITY — Looking for a furry friend to adopt? Well, look no further as PetSmart is hosting a pet adoption day on Saturday.

The adoption event runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. however, assistant store manager Brenda Tross said that if necessary, PetSmart will extend the event.

“If we have people still hanging around and wanting to adopt a pet after 2 p.m. we’ll stay as long as we need to,” said Tross. “We hold these events quite frequently and it’s just a way for us to give back to the community.”

Tross said that store staff isn’t sure how many animals are going to be up for adoption since Western Arizona Humane Society brings them down from Kingman.

“As of right now we have five cats up for adoption but they usually bring a few more and in the past, they’ve brought between eight and 12 dogs to the adoption event,” said Tross. “The pets that are up for adoption are current with their vaccinations and they are all spayed or neutered. Sometimes they do bring puppies to be adopted because it’s much better for them to be in a loving home than in a shelter.”

Tross said that the only thing a person needs to bring to the adoption event is a form of payment.

“Once a person decides which pet they would like to adopt, they’ll receive all their paperwork and the fee that we charge all goes back to Western,” said Tross. “So PetSmart doesn’t keep any of the money because we want to make sure that we can help Western save more animals.”

PetSmart, however, does give people a good incentive for them to adopt a pet during the adoption event.

“When a person adopts a pet, we will give them a PetSmart coupon booklet worth $250 in savings,” said Tross. “Inside the coupon booklet, they’ll find coupons for such things as bowls, leashes, collars and other things like coupons for the groomers. We give the coupon book, free of charge, because we want pet owners to have a head start in their journey with a pet. We don’t want them to not adopt a pet because they can’t afford food or they can’t afford to buy a good leash.” 

PetSmart is at 3699 Highway 95 in Bullhead City.

“We are hoping for a large turnout on Saturday, Jan. 12, so people can provide these animals with a loving and caring home,” said Tross.

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