Bradley Oliver

Bradley Oliver

BULLHEAD CITY — Bradley Oliver, support services division manager for the Bullhead City Police Department, could face misdemeanor charges of aggravated assault and obstructing governmental operations following an incident involving a paramedic with the Bullhead City Fire Department earlier this summer.

A complaint, dated Aug. 2 and filed with Bullhead City Justice Court on Aug. 13, lists the State of Arizona as the complainant. Deputy Mohave County Attorney Robert Moon signed the complaint although he does not handle misdemeanor cases. The case since has been assigned to Jonathan Robinson of the Mohave County Attorney’s Office. The case remains in the purview of the Justice Court.

Robinson wasn’t immediately available for comment Friday afternoon. Moon referred all questions about the case to Robinson and the Kingman Police Department, which conducted the investigation at the request of the Bullhead City Police Department.

Neither Jennifer Sochocki, support services administration/public information officer for the Kingman Police Department, nor Kingman Deputy Chief Rusty Cooper were available Friday afternoon. Oliver also was not immediately available for comment.

Emily Fromelt, public information officer for the Bullhead City Police Department, also referred all questions about the case to the Kingman Police Department, which was asked to investigate the incident because of Oliver’s employment with the local department.

“The incident was turned over to the Kingman Police Department,” Fromelt said.

She said Oliver was placed on paid administrative leave on July 14 — two days after the incident that allegedly took place in the 600 block of Highway 95 in Bullhead City — and remains in that status while an internal investigation, conducted by the BHCPD’s Office of Professional Standards, is completed. 

Bullhead City Manager Toby Cotter said he could not comment specifically on a personnel issue, especially during ongoing internal and external investigations.

“We have to allow the process to be completed,” Cotter said.

According to the complaint, Oliver “knowingly touched ... a paramedic or emergency medical technician engaged in official duties, with intent to insult or provoke him ... ,” warranting the charge of misdemeanor aggravated assault.

The complaint alleges in count two that Oliver “committed obstructing government operations by using threatening physical force, (and) knowingly impaired or hindered the performance of a governmental function by ... a public servant acting under his official authority... .”

There is no record of formal charges being filed or any court proceedings being scheduled.

Oliver oversees several programs within the Bullhead City Police Department, including the Bureau of Animal Care & Welfare, the 911 emergency dispatch center, the property and evidence division and the records division.

Oliver was named interim director of Animal Care & Welfare in June of 2015, then named full-time director of the facility in November of that year. He subsequently was given additional duties within the department and was named support services division manager.

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That night I called Mr Oliver to ask if he could meet me. He obliged and when he arrived we began talking about an issue that was personally affecting me. He stayed approx. 3 hours and we talked and he guided and consoled me about my dealing with someone on the heart transplant list. After he left he went to eat when he heard a loud crash. He got off his seat and found a young man sitting in front of the establishment. He asked him if he was alright and he showed him his arm that was bleeding profusely from punching through the glass door of the establishment. Mr Oliver applied first aid with a tourniquet. He sat there and talked to the young man, who happened to be an Iraqi US Marine Corps veteran, who had just been in a personal argument which led to his self-inflicted wound. Due to a glitch in the emergency call, paramedics did not arrive for approx. half an hour. Mr Oliver sat there and treated and consoled the Marine. It is my personal belief, Mr Oliver reacted to do what he was professionally trained to do and saved the Marine's life. The irony is that I am a Marine vet with a son that is in the process of deployment within a matter of days. Mr Oliver, a US Navy veteran, that night helped two Marine vets in a time of personal crisis.

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