TEMPE, Ariz. — A new poll shows Dr. Kelli Ward as the Republican frontrunner for the 2018 Arizona GOP Senate primary. 

Ward leads her closest potential challenger, Martha McSally, by more than 10 points in a Revily, Inc. poll, conducted by IVR and online interviews, between Oct. 28 to Oct. 31 among 380 likely Republican primary voters.

The poll asked general election voters who they would vote for in the 2018 Primary election for US Senate if the candidates were Craig Brittain, Martha McSally, Matt Salmon, Nicholas Tutora and Kelli Ward. About nine months away from the 2018 Primary election, 34 percent of voters polled were undecided.

“The dust is beginning to settle from Sen. Jeff Flake’s announcement that he will not seek re-election as a Republican in the 2018 cycle,” wrote Revily, Inc. pollster David Burrell in his analysis of the data. “And despite the primary field still formulating, it is becoming evident that anyone who enters the race is going to be chasing Kelli Ward.”

The poll also asked 850 general election voters who they would vote for in a matchup between Republican Ward and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. Thirty-four percent of voters said they would support Ward, to 33 percent who said they would vote for Sinema. Thirty-three percent of voters were still undecided.

Ward was the only Republican primary candidate who polled ahead of Sinema.

“Dr. Kelli Ward holds a commanding lead in the primary race,” said Ed Rollins, Ward campaign chairman. “With her nearest primary competitor nearly 11 points behind, the notion that this is a wide-open race is flat out wrong. 

“Ward is already consolidating the primary electorate and the writing is on the wall — Republican leaders in Washington and Arizona would be wise to get behind her at this point.”

“Ward is also in the strongest position to keep the seat in Republican hands,” added Rollins. “She is the only candidate who defeats Kyrsten Sinema in a head-to-head matchup, and her broad appeal will only increase as voters learn more about her.”

A summary memo with additional details on the poll can be found online at goo.gl/j2Eqxi.

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