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Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady presented two proclamations on Tuesday. One to Lorrie Duggins of the Bullhead City Police Department proclaiming today as National Night Out in Bullhead City, which begins at 5:30 p.m. today at Mohave Electric Cooperative, 928 Hancock Road. The other proclamation was presented to Lori Viles of the Bullhead City Fire Department declaring the week of Oct. 6-12 as Fire Prevention Week. The Bullhead Fire Prevention and Life Safety Fair will be on Oct. 12 at Community Park from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

BULLHEAD CITY — Publicity pamphlets and election ballots pertaining to Proposition 415 will be arriving soon. The all-mail ballot needs to be returned to the county by Nov. 5.

City Manager Toby Cotter explained during Tuesday’s Bullhead City Council meeting that the information pamphlets have been mailed out and that some people reported receiving those pamphlets Tuesday.

The ballots will be mailed out on Oct. 9, he said.

Mohave County Elections staff will administer the election, including tabulating the results. This means that people mailing back their ballots to the county should get them in the mail by Oct. 28-29 at the latest, Cotter warned.

“It has to be in the county’s hands by the 5th,” Cotter said. “Our mail goes through Las Vegas.”

For those who don’t want to mail it — or make a trip to Kingman to drop it off if they neglect to mail it ahead of the deadline — the Bullhead City branch of the Mohave County Library, 1170 Hancock Road, will accept ballots brought in on Nov. 5. 

The library is open on Tuesdays starting at 9 a.m. 

This referendum, if approved by voters, would allow city government to take over the local water infrastructure from EPCOR Water Arizona.

Most of the people who spoke during public comment focused on Proposition 415. 

David Lords, a Proposition 415 proponent, talked about some claims that he and other core supporters said are misleading statements being made by EPCOR and its political action committee, Taxpayers Against City Takeover.

He said Proposition 415 wouldn’t raise taxes because ratepayers would support the system — and Bullhead City does not assess a property tax. And it wouldn’t hurt senior citizens because the city wouldn’t be raising rates as dramatically as EPCOR has since it purchased this and an array of other regional systems from Arizona American in 2012.

And it’s “false that water rates will double,” Lords said. 

The city can run the system for $3.8 million less a year than EPCOR does because the city won’t be looking to turn a profit, he said. 

The city also will be able to obtain financing at a lower interest rate than EPCOR, Lords said.

Resident Gene Quitmeyer, an opponent of 415, asked rhetorically why there was no effort to take over Suddenlink, which is owned by the French company Altice, or to keep people from shopping at Walmart because it sells so many products made in China.

Burger King is owned by a Canadian holding company, he said.

“And we’re going after EPCOR?” he remarked.


The Arizona Department of Transportation is seeking input from the public about its planned Highway 95 construction project from Seventh Street to Aviation Way scheduled to begin in the fall of 2020.

The plan includes creating a raised median that would affect left-turn patterns along that stretch of Highway 95 as well as new striping, fog coating, pavement markers and new signs. ADA pedestrian access facilities will be reconstructed. 

Cotter encouraged residents to submit concerns and comments to ADOT. The deadline for submitting those comment is Friday, Oct. 18. The contact is Leslie Stafford of EcoPlan Associates. Mail comments to Stafford at EcoPlan Associates Inc., 701 W. Southern Ave., Suite 203, Mesa, AZ, 85210. Or email comments to The phone number is 480-733-6666, ext. 138.


Arizona Department of Transportation workers will be doing fog sealing work on Highway 95 from Pass Canyon Road to the Laughlin Bridge.

The work starts today and Thursday at 6 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. both days.

Expect traffic delays during these work periods.

In other business, council members:

  • Approved pursuit by city staff and Mohave County staff of a grant of $58,420 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to update flood mapping of the Fox, Soto and Bojorques washes.
  • Approved an agreement between the Bullhead City police and fire departments about handling the Knox boxes program.
  • Approved agreements between the police department and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency that would continue providing the local police with assistance in narcotic, dangerous drug and drug trafficking investigations.
  • Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady presented two proclamations on Tuesday. One was to Lorrie Duggins of the Bullhead City Police Department proclaiming today as National Night Out in Bullhead City, which begins at 5:30 p.m. today at Mohave Electric Cooperative, 928 Hancock Road. The other proclamation was presented to Lori Viles of the Bullhead City Fire Department declaring the week of Oct. 6-12 as Fire Prevention Week. The Bullhead Fire Prevention and Life Safety Fair will be Saturday, Oct. 12, at Bullhead Community Park from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

(3) comments

Fort Mohave Resident

I truly hope everybody votes No to this ridiculous prop 415. There is no way I would give the City a blank $130 million check. The City is asking the voters to approve to acquire bonds up to $130 million up to 8% interest to purchase any private water utility in or around Bullhead City limits. This vote gives the City authorization to acquire any water utility they want to condemn. The City manager has stated on the record if this passes they will take over EPCOR, to me that statement is clearly saying the City Manager and City Council is willing to pay the 130 million and stick the bill to the residents. The people living in Bullhead will be the ones to suffer by not being able to afford this Bond repayment. Currently now if you don’t pay you water bill to EPCOR you get sent to collections, if the City takes over and you can’t afford your water bill the City can take your property just as they do when you don’t pay your sewer bill. How is this in the best interest on the people.

The City claims that they been able to keep the sewer rates down and I would truly hope so since it's a fairly new wastewater system. The residence of Bullhead have seen couple sewer rates increases since they built the wastewater system and now that the sewer system is ageing they will most defiantly see more. Leave the water business up the professional like EPCOR. They have the experience and the skilled staff to run the system. You can’t compare operating a gravity wastewater system to running a pressurized water system.


Fortunately there really are intelligent and simple ways to break down so called problems. That is exactly what EPCOR is relying on that we won't do. False claims that are used only to scare us is all EPCOR has to go on. First of all there is the ludicrous scare tactic that we are going to pay EPCOR $130 million at 8% interest to buy them out. 8% interest?? This summer Bullhead City debt was upgraded from an already outstanding A+ to AA. There is not a chance in he** that we will have to pay 8% interest with a debt rating that high. We will also not be paying EPCOR $130 million dollars for a buyout. Another EPCOR scare tactic. That is all they have to go on.

EPCOR simply thinks they can take their assets/incomes and multiply them by their predetermined amount they consider fair. What they consider fair(in their own "minds") will not hold. Guess what? Another scare/fear tactic. That's all they have to go on. Our rates just went up 30% and now EPCOR wants another rate increase this May!!! We must ask ourselves: why has EPCOR been so utterly desperate in keeping the Bullhead City account? Do you think they are loving of Bullhead City residents and want to do the very best for them? Simplify. Of course not. They see us as an object that they can make a ton of money off of. Why has EPCOR sent so many attorneys in suits and utility special interest speakers to talk to us. Is it because they see us as objects that they can make a ton of money off of us or do you see them as Canadians 1500 miles away from us that just want to do right by Bullhead City residents? They are a 100% for profit institution. Bullhead City running our own water system would not be a for profit system. Think about it. Simplify. Cave in to fear/scare/lie tactics or simplify and see what really makes sense. EPCOR is a 100% for profit institution. That is why they send their lawyers in suits and special interest public speakers to come to Bullhead City. Simplify.


Last year I bought a home in Bullhead City so why did I buy rather than rent, so I could control the cost. This is what the city is trying to do with our water system rather than being at the mercy of constant rate increases by Epcor we will have ownership and predictability in our long-term cost. You have to understand that Epcor is a for-profit company when we take ownership of the water system we will not be looking to turn a profit. This is why I fully support the purchase of our own water system. It does not appear that Epcor is being honest in their advertising. Why are they spending so much money to run the no on 415 campaign? Obviously they have been making a nice profit on their business here and want to keep it going, I urge everyone to vote Yes on 415 thank you

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