KINGMAN — Criminal charges against a former Bullhead City employee accused of stealing metal pipes and signs were dropped Friday.

Prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss without prejudice charges against Donald William Carley, 51, of Kingman, including fraudulent schemes and artifices, solicitation of fraud, and theft.

Carley had been accused of stealing metal and signs, worth more than $4,000, between Nov. 14 and Dec. 28, 2017, from the city’s public works department.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Jacob Cote said that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, his office didn’t have the time and resources to try the case. When questioned by the judge, Cote said it was unlikely that he would refile charges in the future even after the pandemic is over.

Carley’s defense attorney, Richard Weiss, asked the judge to dismiss the charges with prejudice, which means the prosecutor would completely dismiss the charges and would not be able to refile the charges.

“Mr. Carley should not have to wait another three years with a cloud hanging over his head,” Weiss said.

Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe Jr. agreed to dismiss the charges without prejudice since the motion was filed by the prosecutor. Weiss can file a defense motion to dismiss the charges with prejudice to completely clear Carley’s arrest record. Weiss would have to prove there was prejudice in the case.

Sipe said he understood Carley doesn’t want potential charges hanging over his head, but said it’s unlikely prosecutors would refile the charges.

Carley’s codefendant, Mark Donald Perry, pleaded guilty in March 2019 to theft and was sentenced to two years on probation. He was accused of stealing items belonging to the city between Jan. 15, 2017 and Dec. 28, 2017.

Carley had been operations manager for the city’s public works department. Perry was facilities management supervisor for the city. Both have since resigned from city employment. 

Bullhead City police began an investigation after allegations made by a former city employee during an exit interview. One allegation was that an inmate had fabricated a metal stair for personal use. Another allegation was of an employee taking a culvert home. The items have been recovered.

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Desert Bat

I've posted comments about Mohave County on some websites, including one whose participants hail from more than 80 nations. It didn't seem right to me that authorities here should be able to criminally provoke a resident into doing something to protect their interests, then bring the crooked wheel of "justice" over them in the context. I'm still not sure how some people here think. It might help if you knew more of the facts.

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