Quilt show

People look at quilts during a previous show hosted by the Colorado River Quilters. The group’s next show is this Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Desert Valley Elementary School in Bullhead City.

BULLHEAD CITY — The Colorado River Quilters will be displaying many colorful and lovingly created examples of their work on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Named “Quilts on the River VIII,” the event will be held at Desert Valley Elementary School, 1066 Marina Blvd., in Bullhead City.

A variety of vendors will be there, including scissor sharpening, at one of the booths. 

“Scissor sharpening is something not easy to get done around here,” said Judy Lawhon, spokesperson for the quilters group. 

It’s something many other area crafters and artisans can have done as they make their way around the show.

There will be plenty of interesting creations to see, Lawhon said.  And specifically for people involved with quilting and related sewing hobbies, the event line-up is expected to provide them with inspiration and tools — that would include fabric, notions and specialized rulers to measure materials. 

Lawhon described it as an experience similar to what someone who loves home improvement might have “going to a hardware store and restocking their toolbox.”

Quilting is a hobby that allows those who do it plenty of individual artistic expression, Lawhon said.

Because there are so many choices of fabric and notions one can use, giving two people the same pattern will likely result, she said, “in each of their quilts looking different.” 

There will be a boutique and food available as well as the awarding of door prizes. 

The quilt to be raffled off “is beautiful,” she said. 

“It’s important that people know we love quilting and to better the community,” she said. “We’ll give a quilt to somebody or money we raise will go to other local groups.”  

Quilters have donated cash raised during past shows to SAINT, Boy Scouts, Catholic Charities, River Fund, Inc., Bible City Church, Colorado River Concert Association, Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council, local high school golf teams, and the Air Force Junior ROTC at Mohave High School.

They also raffle quilts that are used to raise funds for other organizations and provide quilts to people who are undergoing dialysis. People residing in local senior centers probably have rested their heads on a decorative pillow made by the quilters and homeless people have seen their work when receiving hygiene totes, for example.

Their creations let people who receive them know someone cares, Lawhon said. 

“It gives people an intangible warm fuzzy feeling.”   

The quilters meet at 9:30 a.m. on the third Thursday of each month from September through May at City Bible Church, 922 Marina Blvd., in Bullhead City. Those interested in social time can arrive at 9 a.m. Group members try to donate to the church’s emergency food program and donate a quilt to it as well.

More than 60 people are in the group, which often will use meetings as mini-workshops to make one quilt, create a series of quilt blocks or even custom-dye fabrics. 

Cost to enter the show is $5 each day.

Moving the show to the school will allow the displays and vendors to be on one floor, Lawhon said. The last event was held at a location with two floors. Members hope the revised layout of the show will make it better for attendees to make their way around.

For details, call 928-758-5585.

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