Brian Burnes, left, is to direct “Tea and Arsenic,” the next production by the River Cities Community Theater Players. Michael Wright, right, is the president of the RCCTP and said that the group is working with Fox Creek Junior High to secure dates and a venue for the production. Auditions will be held next month at Vista Del Sol Resort in Bullhead City.

BULLHEAD CITY — “Tea and Arsenic” a play written by Craig Sodaro, is the next production for the River Cities Community Theater Players.

“We chose to do this play for a couple of reasons: one is that it’s a spoof on ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ and another reason is that it’s a comedy and mystery,” said director Brian Burnes. “It brings in a wider variety of audience members and it’s a fun show.”

“It has a nice range of characters as far as age and description are concerned,” said Michael Wright, RCCTP president. “There are characters like the older ladies who own the place, the college-aged girl who comes to visit them, the policeman and more.”

According to Burnes, the RCCTP has been around since 2010 and their first performance was in 2012.

“We were, until this past summer, over at the Colorado Place along Highway 95,” said Burnes. “We had a nice place to store all of our things, build our sets, rehearse and perform but unfortunately, we were asked to vacate since Sears was coming in.”

“We are a nonprofit organization and we get most of our funds through donations and ticket sales,” said Wright. “From that, we’ve been able to pay the rent on the place we are now. What we really need is a reliable rehearsal space and a reliable venue to do our performances.”

The first show of the current season for the RCCTP was “Steel Magnolias” written by Robert Harling. According to Burnes, the RCCTP worked with the city and they were able to perform the play at the Suddenlink Community Center.

“The city parks and recreation department was really great to work with and they treated us really well,” said Wright. “Because of that we are going to try and do other shows at Suddenlink but we are looking at different venues as well.”

According to Burnes their first choice to perform “Tea and Arsenic” is at Fox Creek Junior High and they are in the process of securing dates for that venue.

“We are also reaching out to the community to see if anyone has a place that they could donate to us for us to use as a rehearsal place,” said Burnes. “To put on a show we rehearse about six to eight weeks and we practice around two to three times a week.”

According to Burnes, the RCCTP had scheduled to perform a Christmas play “Rented Christmas, The Musical,” but due to other conflicts they lost the dates and had to cancel the show.

“The community out here loves the theater and when we lost the dates the community lost a place to go and enjoy good Christmas-focused entertainment,” said Burnes. 

“When we had to cancel the show, it did hurt our momentum because we were feeling pretty good after ‘Steel Magnolias,’ ” said Wright. “But now we are on to ‘Tea and Arsenic.’ ”

RCCTP is holding auditions for “Tea and Arsenic” at the Vista Del Sol Resort, 3249 Felipe Drive, and audition times are Sunday, Dec. 16, 2 to 5 p.m., in the Vista Del Sol Resort Clubhouse; Monday, Dec. 17, 6 to 8 p.m., in the Vista Del Sol Resort Library; and Tuesday, Dec. 18, from 6 to 8 p.m., in the clubhouse.

“We are looking for teenagers through adults and prior theater experience is not needed, “said Burnes. “We have a lot of people who audition and are part of our theater who have been away from the Theater for more than 20 years. There are some that have never stepped on a stage before in their life. ”

RCCTP is looking for actors and also is looking for those who like to do the behind-the-scenes stuff during productions.

“There are tech positions, lighting, backstage, set construction and a lot more,” said Burnes. “A community theater involves more than stepping up on stage; there’s a lot of people involved.”

“We want to get the word out more that there’s a theater group in the area that is very active,” said Burnes.

For more information on “Tea and Arsenic” or further information on the RCCTP, contact Burnes at 612-865-7931.

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