BULLHEAD CITY — At least two local real estate agencies have reported contact with a man who tried to schedule an appointment with a “hot agent” to see Bullhead City property.

According to reports from the Bullhead City Police Department and the Arizona Association of Realtors, a man contacted a local agency on Wednesday and, after speaking to a female agent, inquired about being shown a home later that evening. The woman already was busy and sent a male colleague to show the property.

When the man was greeted by the male agent, he reportedly expressed disappointment, asked about the female agent and stated his preference for working with women.

The male agent reported that the man blocked the doorway and attempted to lock the door with the male agent in the home. He also reportedly warned that he would call other agencies — which police and other agencies confirmed he had done.

“The owner (of the original real estate agency) reported one of her male agents was having problems with a potential client,” said Emily Fromelt, Bullhead City Police Department spokeswoman. “She said she contacted other real estate companies who said they had similar dealings with him, such as calling and asking if this was the ‘hot’ agent.

“The male Realtor said the man wanted to be shown a house. The man told the Realtor he thought they were going to send the ‘hot agent in the picture.’ ”

Fromelt said investigators contacted the agency owner, who said the man called and used foul language and expressing displeasure about the agent she sent.

Fromelt said police identified the suspect and attempted to make contact, but he just shut the door on the officer. She said because no charges had been filed — “The report says no parties involved wanted to prosecute,” she said — officers did not pursue the man any further.

Local real estate agents, however, contacted each other throughout the day on Thursday, warning about the man and his apparent attempt to lure a female agent to a property.

“Finally, this individual has also made sexually explicit and threatening calls to agents in the area,” said a communication from one real estate agency. “The police had been notified of the recent events.” 

Fromelt said because no prosecution was sought, it is not considered an open investigation.

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