BULLHEAD CITY — The Bullhead City Walmart Supercenter on Highway 95 has started a remodeling project with an expectation of completing the work in May.

“This remodel is about so much more than a fresh coat of paint,” said Edgar Romero, store manager. “We’re listening to our customers to make our store an even better place to shop.” 

Shoppers already can see new flooring slowly being installed in the store’s grocery section. A large sign to help people find what they are looking for stands near the edge of a large completed portion.

But on a busy weekday, shoppers stopped employees to ask where this item or that product could be found. Asking the question was often a pretext for following up with a query about the work being done.

New flooring in the grocery section should be installed by the end of next week. Once the entire new floor is down, it will be cleaned and shined, Romero said.

Other overall improvements include wider merchandise aisles and energy-efficient lighting with upgraded fixtures.

The store’s deli, bakery and produce sections are going to be remodeled and the cosmetics section expanded. 

And the electronics department will offer interactive displays. These will “allow customers to try laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more before purchase,” according to Walmart’s corporate office. 

The store also will add and upgrade technologically in ways to help customers save time and money, Romero noted.

There will be new amenities for online customers at the Bullhead City store. 

For example, other nearby Walmarts in Fort Mohave, Kingman and Lake Havasu City currently allow for online grocery shopping and pickup. The Bullhead City store will join that list soon.

The remodel will add online grocery pickup as well as a pickup tower to the store. Online grocery pickup allows people to shop for items electronically when most convenient and have them ready for pickup at a designated time and store. Employees even will load the items into your vehicle for no charge.

The Bullhead City store is among the chain’s 500 locations to start offering the service this year. It’s already available at about 600 stores.

The corporation describes the pickup tower as a “high-tech vending machine.”

It will allow customers to quickly pick up Walmart.com orders by scanning a bar code sent to their smartphone. 

The Bullhead City store will relocate its pickup lounge to better serve customers who shop online. 

“It’s about investing in a store that has been part of this community since we first opened our doors back in 1990,” Romero said. 

The location, which is open 24 hours a day, will remain open throughout during the course of the renovations.

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