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Construction on the soon to be open climate control storage facility located at the old Kmart in City Square Shopping Center is advancing rapidly. The new facility is an add-on to the old Kmart building which is itself undergoing renovations for new businesses to inhabit in the near future according to City Manager Toby Cotter. The plans have not yet been announced on the massive building that has sat empty for some years now, but the construction of the storage facitlity is only the beginning of new businesses to come in the old building said Cotter. 

BULLHEAD CITY — It’s hard to miss, rising nearly 20 feet above the roofline of the old K-Mart building at City Square Shopping Center in the middle of Bullhead City.

A huge two-story addition to the north side of the old Kmart that has stood empty for far too long gradually is coming to life. Construction crews have been hard at work for the last several weeks erecting the new addition, which will be part of a new climate-controlled storage facility.

Climate-controlled storage units protect precious belongings from the weather and humidity. Items that are more delicate and sensitive to heat, humidity and inclement weather are best stored in a unit that has climate control. The units provide a consistent temperature year round.

As the weather cycles between hot and cold throughout the year, metal, wood and plastic products can warp. Wooden belongings such as furniture and heirlooms tend to expand and can even crack if they’re not in a climate-controlled environment, and CDs, DVDs, and vinyl products such as a record collection will began to warp from the intense heat for which Bullhead City is known. Antiques, family heirlooms and photos cannot be replaced. When exposed to the heat and elements, these items can lose their luster and value over time and even be ruined completely.

Bullhead City Manager Toby Cotter explained, “This is very much in demand in Bullhead City/Laughlin. It’s a great reuse of a huge space. Additionally, the developer will be adding onto the front of the Kmart building to make two more additional retail stores.”

No timeline for completion has been provided. It’s part of the long-term plan of expansion and improvements at City Square, which over the last few years has added new tenants — and new free-standing stores for Hobby Lobby and Dutch Bros.

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Arizona Drifter

Was hoping it would of been an Amazon outlet store someday. Oh Well....


Don't we have enough storage units in the area? We have a lot of drug addicts and homeless that could use shelter, addiction recovery and jobs.


I can tell you the ones I encounter every day are not interested in a shelter or being told to stop using drugs. Sounds nice, but there really are just folks out there who prefer to be bums. Nothing wrong with that, it's their choice. Let's see how the new shelter from Catholic Charities pans out.

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