Frank Sagasta

Frank Sagasta spoke at Tuesday's Bullhead City Council meeting. Sagasta, an asthmatic, voiced his opposition to Mayor Tom Brady's orders regarding masks. Sagasta said he felt "wronged" by the community after being asked to leave a local grocery store because he did not wear a mask.

BULLHEAD CITY — In a spirited and sometimes heated meeting, the first hour of Bullhead City Council’s meeting on Tuesday was taken up by members of the community complaining about Mayor Tom Brady’s orders to close city parks, boat launches and beaches on weekends.

During the Call to the Public to open the meeting, 12 of the 18 Bullhead City residents expressed their opposition to the orders.

Two even took to name calling, one telling City Manager Toby Cotter to “shut up” and another calling Brady a “coward” for his orders.

Harvey Pryor, of Bullhead City, spoke about Brady shutting down beaches, questioning how much revenue the city plans on losing, how many businesses are going to close and how many more people are going to lose their jobs.

He then turned on Cotter, asking him about testing. When Cotter replied, Pryor told him that he has to shut up. Pryor claimed that Cotter had lied about being able to test at the Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse.

Cotter later told those assembled that he has tried to get testing at the fieldhouse, but has been told by the school district that the fieldhouse will not allow testing inside as Pryor said.

Later, Annie Severino complained that she had a medical condition and cannot wear a mask. “If people wear them and they work, then they should wear them,” said Severino. “But they shouldn’t worry about me. That’s between me and my doctor. Restricting that right is just like China. That’s communist. Our mayor caved to the mob, rather than stand up for our God-given rights. He is not a leader, but a coward.”

Brady later told those in attendance that there was a copy of the proclamations there, and went so far as to read one section of it for the audience.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I would like people to understand more clearly why some of the things that have been done are being done,” explained Brady. “For those who say they have a medical condition and can’t wear a mask, you don’t have to wear a mask. That’s spelled out in the proclamation.”

“One of the exceptions — and there are many — are people who have one or more medical conditions or disabilities that prevent wearing a face covering, including anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance. A person asserting this exception for a medical condition or disability is not required to carry or produce documentation verifying the health condition to a business or to law enforcement.”

Brady went on to say that he, the city manager and the police chief have been involved in discussions, meetings and briefings with top medical professionals, health care administrators, first responders and the governor’s office since the pandemic began and their top priority has been the ability of the medical community and first responders to safely deliver the resources needed for relief of the pandemic.

“This includes ICU and COVID hospital beds,” said Brady. “Along with surge capacity. The number of ventilators that are there and in use. The personal protection equipment. Testing and adequate staffing for doctors, nurses, fire fighters, paramedics and police officers. Imagine your loved one seriously ill and needing hospitalization, but because the hospital is out of capacity, they are being transferred to New Mexico as has already happened here in Arizona. Now your family member dies alone and in another state and you have to get them back home for the funeral. I am not concerned about the controversies behind the science. That has nothing to do with the decisions I’ve had to make in our community. All I care about is whether or not our medical community and our first responders can treat you if the need so arises. These are the toughest decisions I have ever had to make.

“I fully expect that we will stay the course regarding the wearing of masks until some time in the future. For those of you who think it’s unconstitutional, let me remind you that over 40 states have some sort of mask orders and nobody has challenged the constitutionality of those orders in a court and won. So, please stop dividing our community and think about helping to protect everyone from a virus that you may not even know you have by wearing a mask simply when indoors and in a public establishment.”

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j ball

First of all thank you Mayor Brady for holding strong on the mask and beach closure issues at the council meeting last night. My concern is when will there be more testing in this city? I'm not talking about the 200 slots available this weekend only to those who think they have symptoms of Covid but the kind of testing that seems to only be available in the Phoenix area. We need more testing available to all who want it. Work on that Mr. Mayor.


Brady did a good job explaining why he took action -- but didn't really explain why the action he took was the right one. I still don't understand why boat launches are closed -- as long as the boats themselves don't congregate, there is almost no chance that the virus will spread beyond the group in the boat (and we should assume that the group in the boat know each other well enough that if one person has the virus, they've all been exposed). beach and park closure at least makes sense -- the city probably doesn't have the resources to ensure safe social distancing and mask wearing practices, and enforcement efforts would put our LEOs and park staff in danger.


Thank you Mayor, as of today cases are going up, please keep the MASK order in place, nobody likes wearing but to stop the virus there is no other way to get under control. Small percentage of people complaining, do the right thing or end up with virus!!


Right on from the Mayor, now let’s get some testing.


So Brady says if you have a medical reason which prevents you from wearing a mask, you don't have to and you do not need to carry proof. I for one have an issue, I also have written statements from my Doctor stating why. None of this matters, simply because with Brady's blessings, the public in general has been conditioned to treat me like I'm poison because I cannot/will not wear a mask. So compliments of Brady I am unable to go where I need to go to get supplies simply to continue living. Thank you sir for your inconsiderate actions.


I am in the same place. Retired and plenty of money and time, but relegated to staying at home all the time. All for nothing if you ask me. I would love to get some new bedding plants for my back yard - the only place I can go to enjoy myself - but can no longer visit HD or Lowes - not even Walmart. I would drive to Kingman, but they aren't open either. I cannot endure the harassment from the clerks and other shoppers because I am unable to wear a mask and don't feel I should have to explain to everyone I meet all about my medical problems.


Typical Lib Government. Don't listen to the people. Let's start a recall of the whole city council. Especially the Mayor.


Bravo to the mayor for his decisions. Don't apologize for doing the right thing. Wish you would have done it even sooner, but better late than never.

Arizona Drifter

I went in to walmart with my mask on but no shirt and shoes and was turned away. I feel wronged also. So now I order on line at walmart and they bring it out to my car. And I get to keep my shirt and shoes off and some other clothing too.

Desert Bat

I believe in a well-informed public, but then again.....


40 wrongs don't make it right



Thank you Mayor Brady for standing up to the bullies and sticking with the science.

Mohave Crone

I feel for the local officials. It would seem wearing a mask, social distancing and washing one’s hands would be a small price to pay to safely go out and about. If 90% of people did this, the spread of COVID-19 would be greatly decreased and it would stop those who are asymptomatic from unknowingly spreading the virus. We need to greatly reduce new cases so that labs can catch up on processing, hospitals get a break and we can adequately trace and quarantine when outbreaks occur.


Cudos to Mayor Brady for doing the right thing by closing beaches and launch ramps, by ordering face mask to be worn. These people that are against it and complaining about it are the ones that you do not want to be around in a confined area. People such as those are more concerned about their own self enjoyment than they are about staying safe and helping others stay safe. This has been a great of the problem all across the country and part of the reason the virus will not stop. People refuse to get with the program and instead would rather go off and do their own thing which in turn usually means others get sick or die. No, Brady is not a coward, stay the course Mayor.


Thank you John. This is well written and informative. Please write about item 4 that passed to end recycling. I was the only one in the community that fought to have a compromise plan to save recycling and educate people. The city and Republic services agreed to do implement a most radical plan. Starting in September, all recyclables will go straight to our county landfill. There will no longer be any drop-off recycling bins. I know China no longer buys our recyclables, but surely there’s still a viable commodities market for recycled aluminum, clear plastics and corrugated cardboard. There should have been a compromise plan and I’m deeply offended and appalled by the new plan.

Tom Hixson. BHC


I have gone through Covid 19 in ICU being treated for pneumonia and the Covid 19 and presently in Isolation at home at least until July 25..

I didn't wear a mask prior to being admitted to the Hospital and my opinion this was caused people coming from California without any regard for anyone by failing to keep a distance..

I went to Riverside and people were grouped up over crap tables shoulder to shoulder and on our beaches people mostly from California didn't adhere to safety because our restrictions were not as struck as where they came from for the most part..

I'm not completely for mask but many should wear a mask including myself especially around other people if for nothing else just for Safety..

Think about it you will only be wearing a mask for a short period of time while shopping in a store not like the store clerks that have to wear them their whole shift of Hospital Workers ..

Once your outside you can take them off or in your car..


So Del, when you was at the Riverside (I assume you meant since the reopening?) was there 'Groups of people' over the other table games too? Like Roulette, 21 ?

Because seems strange that there would be people 'grouped up over crap tables shoulder to shoulder'. I wonder why groups of people would be standing shoulder to shoulder over top CLOSED gaming tables??? When I was there, I didn't see a single person anywhere near the CLOSED GAMING TABLES. And unlike other posters, thats the TRUTH!

Goes to show you how far people with agendas will actually go. SMDH!

son of David

If the Bullhead City residents are so anxious to kill us elder sick people, why don't they just take ou,t their concealed weapons and shoot us. It would save us from suffer for months on a ventilator before we die and save on medical bills


I have asthma and no matter what I will wear a mask while I’m in public. No excuses those throw away mask are light weight andI can handle them. People come from all over and all they care about is themselves and getting in the water and don’t care who they put at risk. Stay home and let the towns heal and get rid of this virus so some day we can enjoy the things we want to do.

Kenn Stark

Lol! I got em booted yesterday, their season is done! You just ad to the problem and the cover up once again of the "Maish mash!"


When in our lifetime have we ever seen businesses put in charge of enforcing public health mandates because the politicians are too afraid to enforce them? Because of this, the employees - most of whom are young and working for minimum wage - must daily face off with angry customers who sometimes are verbally abusive, etc. A strong public health program helped make this country the strongest nation in the world, with the full support of the US government. Conspiracy theories come and go, but you can't argue that we really did overcome polio and other diseases; we have been able to trust our food supply and our water; health inspections/testing

of all kinds take place every day whether or not we ever witness these employees doing their jobs. The political Pied Pipers who cast doubt on these efforts will soon be gone themselves, but the need for a sound public health program will continue and will hopefully be supported by elected officials who return us to reason.


Be tough Brady. stick to your plan. We need to all wear masks. It helps & there should be more testing.

They should provide it at Wal Mart parking lot & test all the employees.

Close the beaches or else others will be coming from different places.


to those posting. we do have unalienable rights that are being trampled on. Didn't Hitler and others say the same lie "for your safety" there are reports that the sars2 or 99% virus was renamed covid 19 which is a Satanic sequence term. It is also reported that masks and social distancing is part of the evil occult corona initiation ritual. Brady has betrayed his oath and is a traitor by the founding principles.

Desert Bat

if you have a qualified pulmonary/breathing condition, just how - in the present environment - are you supposed to get a doctor appointment and get an exemption to the mask requirement? Even people wanting to see a dentist for a simple cavity have to wait weeks for virus screening and results before scheduling that dental appointment. Take a guess then at a pulmonary exam followed by x-rays, etc. I have been through this process before this virus situation and it was a several-week process.


The people who complained about the mask wearing requirement are part of the reason why Mohave County has one of the highest Covid-19 rates in Arizona. While masks and social distancing are not a perfect solution, according to research from the University of California (Berkley), if just 80% of the population wore masks, our Covid-19 infection rates would drop to 30% of our current numbers.


[censored] bunch of cry babies , there's nothing in the Constitution that says Be Free of facial coverings. Because I have lung issues and I'll wear a mask I've been wearing a mask before they said to wear a mask okay I'm going to explain it for the really stupid people seat belts save lives now whenever you get in the car you put your seatbelt on but in the beginning cars wernt even made with seat belts. So back when seat belts were mandated that we had the same crybaby saying oh to take away my constitutional rights they have to wear a seatbelt same crap with insurance insurance wasn't mandatory now it is oh man that's really trampling on my constitutional freedoms seat belt and I have to have insurance get over a bunch of Karen's

Arizona Drifter

Here ya BIGGUS

Yes all government intrusion, you forgot the government mandated 5 mph bumpers. We surely aren’t a nation of self responsibility on many levels so insteps Government. If were more RonPaul Libertarian there would be no rules just self responsibility. Could any of us imagine no laws on DUI? Or buying an ounce of crack cocaine along with that cheese burger?

Being a libertarian I’m self responsible so I wear a seat belt, I wear a mask and I don’t drink or smoke pot. I’m not anti government i’m for limited government. More of a Rand Paul supporter as well an old time Ross Perot supporter. Our government today isn’t responsible. In fact they are degenerate and derelict when it comes to supporting self responsibility.

Trump says this country will never be a socialist country and here his administration and senate are handing out 1200.00 with no responsibility to have it paid back. If that isn’t a socialist agenda I don’t know what is? Folks be self responsible wear a mask, call a cab and lose some pounds.

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