BULLHEAD CITY — Bullhead City Council member Tami Ring has announced on Facebook that she won’t be seeking a third term on the council.

“While I love Bullhead City I have decided to NOT run for BHC Council. Love and hugs BHC!” Ring wrote in a Facebook post that went up on Saturday evening. 

In a telephone interview on Sunday afternoon, Ring said she remains concerned about vagrants and transients around the city.

Ring explained that those two descriptions are different from simply being homeless and said that the description “homeless” is overused.

“Truth of the matter is that if you choose to live that way, you’re a vagrant or transient,” she said.

Saying someone is a vagrant is considered a derogatory term, according to some advocates for the homeless, adding that the word transient can be used pejoratively as well. The preferred term to describe the condition of people with nowhere to live is “homeless” or “homelessness.” 

The United States government, in enumeration studies, considers people sleeping in a location not designed for regular sleep as homeless.

“We have laws — we need to enforce them,” Ring said. “I know what needs to be done.”

Those would include rules regulating camping within city limits, time limits on how long people can stay on land where camping is allowed, and feeding the homeless. 

Ring said she would be more effective as a resident and business owner to effect change in this situation than as a council member.

She worked with the city to post signs asking that people don’t provide support to panhandlers by feeding them or giving them money. The signs encourage people to instead give money to groups and charities that help those in need. 

Three other council seats are up for grabs this year: Those are held by council members Kathy Bruck, Mark Clark and Sheila Shutts. All are four-year terms ending in November of 2024.

According to the City Clerk’s office, candidates for city office must meet the following qualifications as set forth in state law: 

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of filing nomination papers.
  • Be a qualified elector of the City of Bullhead City — a person who lives in Bullhead City and is a registered voter — at the time of filing nomination papers.
  • Have resided in the City of Bullhead City for at least one year as of Aug.4, 2020 — the date of the primary election.
  • Be current and paid in full on any campaign finance violation fines, penalties or judgments. 

It might be necessary to hold a runoff election in November.

Council members receive an honorarium of $750 a month.

The last day to file nomination papers is April 6. 

For details and to obtain necessary paperwork to run for the council, contact the city clerk at 928-763-9400.

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