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A dog enjoys a dip in the Colorado River with some human friends in the Colorado River at Community Park. Summer can be a dangerous time for pets. Jeanne Brooks, founder of SAINT, said she would like to see animal cruelty laws changed to better protect pets mistreated in a variety of ways amid warm- and hot-weather conditions.

BULLHEAD CITY — Jeanne Brooks, founder of Saving Animals in Need Together, would like to see a law established that further protects animals from serious and potentially deadly mistreatment in warm weather.

She spoke to the Bullhead City Council during public comment period last week and expanded on her short address this week. It was an emotional couple of minutes.

“We need to have laws put into effect and enforced,” Brooks said.

While there are statewide rules against leaving pets inside hot vehicles, there are other things some pet owners do in summer that constitute animal cruelty, she said.

For example, walking a dog on hot asphalt, rocks and cement can seriously burn their paws.

Brooks told the council members that she encountered a local dog owner recently walking a shih tsu on a very hot sidewalk. She talked to him about it. His response at the time seemed as if it didn’t matter.

“He said, ‘It’s cloudy,’ ” Brooks told the board.

But she saw the man carrying the little dog a couple of times after they had their discussion.

Also concerning is when pet owners put dogs and other animals in the beds of pick-up trucks when the temperature outside is warm. Even with plastic or rubber liners, it’s too hot for a pet to have direct contact with the truck bed, she explained.

Recently, she saw a couple put the dog in the truck bed even though it didn’t want to go there.

“People need to understand,” Brooks emphasized. “They don’t think about it.”

Tying up a dog outside in summer is dangerous. And cruel, she said.

Experts warn that dogs can become caught up in the rope or chain and get hurt and possibly die. They can suffer dehydration or a heat-related illness if their water is knocked over or if they can’t get to a shady spot to cool off. Many pet foods can spoil if left sitting outside in the heat for too long.

Leaving dogs and other pets in garages without air conditioning, an evaporative cooler or at least a strong fan also can cause them to suffer a heat-related illness.

Letting cats run loose outdoors for lengthy periods when it’s warm outside also can be dangerous.

Brooks asked city officials to consider making it unlawful to do such things to pets. She said she ultimately would like to see statewide laws regarding animal cruelty include these forms of owner neglect.

“We must do something to save their lives,” Brooks said. “SAINT is Saving Animals in Need Together — and we must protect them.”

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I would also like to see something done about livestock that can't get to some sort of shade. I see horses out in little round pens, or any size pen, with no shade whatsoever. And if there is no shade, any water will be at least piss warm if not hotter. I don't understand how this is allowed to go on? Seems like animal abuse to me.

JA Callahan

I understand the need as I too have seen heat related issues all the time out here. Unfortunately there is no money or appetite in the area for more laws that won't or can't be enforced. As a former Animal Control Officer in Clark County Nv. I can tell you that local animal control is useless due to lack of funding, man power, training and basic enforcement. They do their best but. Adding additional violations to an already over taxed system will just make things worse. In my professional opinion of 10+ years.


This is why my dog has shoes and I have a door both my cat and dog can go as will. Out of the heat and into an air conditioned house. Sadly years ago I reported a puppy tied up daily. No water. Except what I would walk down daily to give it. Nothing was done. I reported many times. One day the puppy was gone 😢. I wished I had taken her but I thought I'd get in trouble 😂

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