BULLHEAD CITY — Members of the two Colorado River school districts will hold a joint workshop Monday about intergovernmental agreements between these districts.

This workshop begins at 6 p.m. in the district office, 1004 Hancock Road. The Colorado River Union High School District board will hold its regular monthly meeting there beginning at 7 p.m.

There are several such agreements between CRUHSD and the Bullhead City Elementary School District being discussed.

For example, the Colorado River Administrative Services Consortium concerns such areas as how much each district will pay for services of human resources personnel, a warehouse manager and the director of public and community relations. 

And the Colorado River Educational Technology Consortium would allow for separate programs and funding for each of the districts’ technological functions — unless a joint situation comes up that would mutually benefit both districts. Each district shares equally in funding a director of technology and network administrator-technician. 

Both districts will use Coyote Canyon School, which is under the control of the BCESD, for various programs. The campus is the location for BCESD’s Preschool and Life Academy as well as CRUHSD’s Academy and Life Academy, for example. 

A couple of these agreements also pertain to the Mojave Valley Elementary School District, such as one for transportation needs. There’s even one agreement, the Colorado River Purchasing Consortium, that also includes MVESD and the Topock Elementary School District.

Related to this topic is a compensation adjustment proposal meant to ensure classified and administrative employees in both districts receive more equal compensation. 

The 39 affected classified employees would be paid an additional 30 cents an hour, for an annual cost of $19,656. Eight administrative employees each would receive $1,000 more annually for a total of $8,000. Additional payroll taxes would be about $5,500.

Total cost would be $33,187, according to the staff report.

These agreements are included in the CRUHSD board’s agenda tonight and should be in the BCESD board’s agenda on Thursday. Whether the proposals are approved this week by the two boards could be determined during the joint workshop.

CRUHSD’s regular meeting

CRUHSD’s also has a lengthy agenda after the workshop. Discussion and second readings about an array of proposed policy revisions are scheduled. 

These policies cover such areas as graduation requirements and the basic instructional program. Other areas concerning students include dress code, administering medicine to students, and student interrogations, searches and arrests.

Staff ethics, conduct, evaluations, qualifications and requirements, suicide prevention instruction and training, and reporting child abuse also are among the numerous proposed policy changes. 

New business on the agenda:

  • Alcohol policy and community use policies for the Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse.
  • A potential construction solution for Mohave High School.

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