KINGMAN — Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster issued a statement Sunday, addressing both protests and Gov. Doug Ducey’s week-long overnight statewide curfew

“On May 25th of this year, George Floyd was killed during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A video of the arrest showed the senseless manner of death, and was very disturbing to watch.” Schuster wrote. “It is clear that excessive and unreasonable force was used, and the officers involved should be held to the same level of criminal punishment that any United States Citizen would receive in the same situation. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Floyd family.

“I am saddened that the vast majority of good law enforcement officers will likely be judged by the actions of these criminals wearing badges. I would hope that the public will recognize that there is always going to be a percentage of bad amongst the overwhelming good. This is true in every profession and we in Law Enforcement take great measures to employ morally sound, honest and caring individuals.

“Since this sad and needless tragedy occurred, groups around the country have gathered in protest. I support such protests and will stand amongst them should they be held peacefully. In the event any protest crosses into criminal activity, swift and immediate action will be taken. No group has the right to riot, loot, or cause injury or death in the name of self proclaimed justice.

“We are now learning that such criminal behavior is happening here in Arizona, with riots and looting taking place last night in Scottsdale. The governor has issued an 8 p.m. to 5 p.m. curfew, with numerous exemptions.

“Exemptions are as follows ‘All law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics or other medical personnel, National Guard, as well as any other emergency response personnel authorized by the State of Arizona, and credentialed members of the media.’

“ ‘Individuals traveling directly to and from work; attending religious services; commercial trucking and delivery services; obtaining food; caring for a family member, friend, or animal; patronizing or operating private businesses; seeking medical care or fleeing dangerous circumstances; and travel for any of the above services.‘ ”

“As the governor stated in his press release, this is a tool for law enforcement to address potential lawlessness. I ask that all of our citizens be aware and take personal safety precautions. Having said this, this order will not interfere with the otherwise legal movement of our citizens, regardless of time of day, and the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office will continue to actively address criminal behavior brought to our attention.”

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Desert Bat

Nobody needs the sheriff of a corrupt county to be their schoolmaster. There are actually people out here who can think for themselves and see right through this Government's lifelong crime spree (it "helps" to be their victim), and the reeking tendency to name it The Rule Of Law. Their Rule Of Law holds someone accountable for their actions irregardless of circumstances, so let them be held accountable regardless of their obvious sense of entitlement as law enforcement heroes, for illegally breaking into peoples' residences, employing extra-judicial assets to commit crimes against a targeted person, and back that up with their own official crimes. What a reeking dump this place is. But don't lip-sync that statement when driving under one of their cameras. You may get an unpleasant surprise when you return home.

Desert Bat

I want to thank this newspaper for printing my comments here. I believe that it is a healthy and responsible forum in this case to air experiences and viewpoints. Regrettably, one of my former employees cannot air his opinions here, since he was murdered, and a couple others on their way to prison after highly-suspicious behaviour pointing to handling by "others" here, may not wish to speak too much. In the case of personal failures here, one of them was the inability to broach what comes across the preoccupation of religious settings with their own affairs, in an environment which I think begs for openness to the problems and challenges of others.

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