BULLHEAD CITY — The search for a missing boat — and its passengers — on Wednesday led to the discovery of a different vessel at the bottom of the Colorado River.

It seems that one Bullhead City public safety agency knew about it but another did not.

According to Lori Viles, public education specialist and public information officer for the Bullhead City Fire Department, the BCFD was called to the Colorado River near Community Park to assist with a Bullhead City Police Department search for an overdue vessel with possible passengers unaccounted for.

The BCFD responded with its Fireboat 729 and crew from State 3 anda Classic Are medical helicopter responded to assist scanning the river and surrounding area.

A request was made to the Mohave County Search & Rescue Unit as well as for an additional airship from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

After a short search, a vessel was located not far from Davis Camp. Members of the fire department and police department dive teams were dispatched to confirm the identity of the vessel.

About that time, authorities received a report that the missing boaters and their vessel had been found safe and sound.

Police department divers confirmed that the boat was from a separate incident and the search shifted to determining the owner and origin of the vessel that was on the riverbed.

On Thursday, Bullhead City Police confirmed that the boat found actually had been reported sunk on July 4. The 20-foot craft was not involved in a crash; no injuries were reported. The owner, who was not identified, contacted police earlier to report the sinking and is in the process of having the vessel retrieved from the river.

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