BULLHEAD CITY — A significant portion of the Colorado River Union High School District board’s meeting will be in executive session.

The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. Monday and will be in the Colorado River Schools board room, 1004 Hancock Road.

Call to the Public is scheduled to occur before the executive session. If the CRUHSD meeting agenda stays as is, the board will go into executive session soon after the 5:30 p.m. start time and come back into public session when closed-door business is completed. That could include taking action related to the items slated for executive session when the board returns to the public agenda. 

The three executive items include discussion and possible action regarding administrative recommendation of a statement of charges for instructor Geoffrey Tubbs. He has been on administrative leave with pay since the board approved presenting him with a statement of charges. Tubbs’ employment status also be might discussed during the executive session.

Also on the executive agenda is a discussion and possible action about communication between administrators and the board. Here, the board might touch on employment matters and legal advice.

A third executive session item would be discussion and possible action to approve an amendment to the Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse usage policy. The board might need to seek legal advice on this item as well.

On the public agenda are intergovernmental agreements between CRUHSD and the Bullhead City Elementary School District. The seven agreements originally meant to begin last July are back in front of the CRUHSD board after members decided instead to focus on the upcoming school year to create new agreements for administration, transportation, special education and other areas in which the two district can benefit by working together or sharing costs. 

The BCESD board wants to further discuss the agreement for joint use of the Coyote Canyon Elementary School campus.  

Administrators in CRUHSD will provide verbal reports to allow the board and the public to understand one or more aspects of their jobs. At this meeting, Darolene Brown, director of curicullum and instructional technology, will discuss the title grants process.

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