Shoppers wait in line at a checkout counter at the Bullhead City Kohl’s store at the Mohave Crossroads shopping center. Many shoppers didn’t take part in Thanksgiving Day opportunities at area stores — primarily because of the weather — but they were out in full force Friday and Saturday to start the Christmas shopping season.

BULLHEAD CITY — Black Friday sales at area retailers brought out plenty of shoppers — though most waited until Friday or Saturday this year.

Blame it on the weather.

“I came out Thursday and it wasn’t that bad,” said Deyanire Moreno, who was back at it again on Friday. “Because of the rain, there weren’t that many people out. Not like other years.”

While officials at area retailers were reluctant to comment on the record — all of them referred inquiries to their corporate headquarters — most agreed that the weather may have affected shopping patterns in the Tri-state. The shoppers agreed.

“It’s a lot more crowded today than I expected,” said a shopper leaving the Bullhead City Kohl’s store in the Mohave Crossroads shopping center. “But I know I didn’t come out (Thursday) because it was raining too hard. I didn’t want to have to stand out in the rain. I guess everybody else figured the same thing, too.”

Moreno said she already had hit the sales at Walmart, Kohl’s and Target after her first two outings of the unofficial holiday shopping season. Not everything she purchased was a Christmas gift; some were essentails or items she wanted and couldn’t pass at sale prices.

As she sat on a bench outside Kohl’s on Friday afternoon, she had a big set of Red Copper kitchenware and other kitchen items. And shoes.

“The shoes are on sale,” she said. “It was a really good deal.”

At Walmart, the traffic late Thursday night and early Friday morning was a mixture of people looking for sale items and others doing their normal grocery shopping. Some did a little of both.

“I came in to get groceries and left with a television,”  said one man, chuckling as he pushed a flat-screen television to his car in the parking lot.

He said the TV was “a gift to the whole family” that he admitted was an impulse buy — and he was going to try to keep it a secret as long as possible.

“This will go in our living room,” he said, “and we’ll move the TV that’s in there right now into one of the other rooms.”

His cart also included a lot of items that weren’t gifts: a head of lettuce, some cereal, a loaf of bread and a number of other food items that were on his original grocery list.

He said he waited until after midnight Friday to do his shopping in hopes of avoiding the chaos typically associated with Thanksgiving Day sales. He said the rain also entered into his decision.

“I didn’t want to go out in the rain,” he admitted.

The rain couldn’t prevent some shoppers from getting an early start. Maybe just not as early as planned.

“Already made the rounds,” said a shopper leaving Target on Friday. “We were out (Thursday night) — after the rain.”

Another factor that may have reduced traffic at the stores: More people are shopping online than ever before. Adobe Analytics said online sales topped $7.4 billion on Friday, a number that rivaled Cyber Monday sales of $7.9 billion a year ago. Adobe predicted that this year’s Cyber Monday sales will approach $9.4 billion. Adobe also tracked about $4.2 billion in online sales on Thanksgiving Day.

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That’s why I love BHC! This is what our Black Fridays look like 😍

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