Southwest Behavioral and Health Services CEO Steven Sheets says that he wants those coming into the Bullhead City office building to feel like it means something to them. Southwest Behavioral held a grand re-opening at its Bullhead City facility on Thursday.

BULLHEAD CITY — Southwest Behavioral and Health Services had a grand re-opening at its Bullhead City facility at 2580 Highway 95, Suites 120-125.

“We have been here for eight years but we recently remodeled with new flooring and paint amount other things like decoration on both the children’s and the adult side,” said Ashley Tozier, director of Southwest Behavioral in Bullhead City. “So we used this opportunity to give the community a chance to see what it looks like now and the changes that we have made. The location here wasn’t closed during the time that we were doing the remodel, it was done during the weekends.”

The grand re-opening program started with Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO John Pynakker welcoming everybody in attendance.

“What a great reason to be out here again,” said Pynakker. “Southwest Behavioral is very important for the chamber but also a very important member of our community. The things you guys do for our community is much needed, as seen with some of the other things that we have going on in town. It’s something that we all know that is very much do for our community and thank you for all the work that you do here.”

“Southwest Behavioral, you guys take care of the need that we have in this community and I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” said Bullhead City Vice Mayor Annette Wegmann. “I want to thank you for giving so many of our citizens a job, a place to work and you have stability. For what you do in the community to give back, I can’t thank you enough. Everything that you do is needed for everyone in this area so thank you so much.”

After Wegmann spoke, Southwest Behavioral CEO Steven Sheets addressed the crowd.

“We are excited to show off our newly remolded buildings,” said Sheets. “We have been a company in the greater Phoenix and Maricopa area for almost 50 years. When we were asked to come up and join the Mohave County area, we had some experience in some rural areas and we felt like we fit in. Our long-term tenure is a testimony to our staff because I couldn’t do it from Phoenix because they are our heart and soul in the Bullhead City office.

“This is not only a make-over; I think it shows what we truly want to portray to the community. We want to take care of our buildings, take care of our curb appeal so that people feel that they are coming into a place that means something to them.”

Southwest Behavioral has a building dedicated to adult counseling and a building dedicated to children’s counseling.

“Most people walk into Suite 120 and then if they have an appointment with a kid staff they will be directed to that building,” said Tozier. “This is our day room (the room where the grand re-opening was held) where a lot of our groups meet.”

Tozier said that people who need help can contact Southwest Behavioral at 928-763-7776 or walk in to make an appointment. Tozier said that the crisis response network always is ready to assist as well. The crisis response number is 602-222-9444.

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