Stage closing

A simple going-out-of-business banner hangs on the front facade of the Bullhead City Stage store in Riverview Mall. The store is expected to close by the end of August.

Editor's note: This article has been corrected, removing the reference to Burkes Outlet. Burkes Outlet is not a part of Stage Stores.

BULLHEAD CITY — The local Stage department store in the Riverview Mall had been slated for conversion into a Gordmans off-price store location but instead will close permanently near the end of this month.

In May, Gordon Brothers and Hilco Merchant Resources filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The two entities are joint-venture partners.

This form of reorganization came about six months after it was announced that the local Stage store would be among hundreds of locations to be converted into a Gordmans.

The change in retailing focus was meant to put Stage’s owners into a more solid financial position because discount stores were faring better than department stores.

“The challenging preexisting market conditions were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and prevented the retailer from obtaining the required financing to continue operating stores outside of bankruptcy,” said a news release published last month announcing that both Stage and Gordmans stores had started going-out-of-business sales along with Bealls, Goody’s Palais Royal and Peebles stores across the country.

The local Stage store has a large sign letting people know remaining merchandise is available at 60% to 80% off retail prices.

Fixtures are available as well, said one of the employees. The person didn’t want to be identified.

Twelve people employed at the Bullhead City Stage store soon will be seeking new employment. Workers already had gone through furloughs before the store closing was announced.

The store’s final day of operation is Aug. 29.

Retailers, and especially department store chains, across the country have struggled due to consumers’ changing personal habits and move to online shopping even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced stores to be closed. Le Tote Inc., the parent company of Lord & Taylor, announced Monday it is seeking bankruptcy protection; Tailored Brands Inc., which operates Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank, did likewise on Sunday. Ascena Retail Group, the operator of Ann Taylor and Lane Bryant, announced July 23 it was seeking bankruptcy protection, while Brooks Brothers declared bankruptcy July 8, and J.C. Penney did so May 15 and Neiman Marcus on May 7.

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Riverview Mall will likely be completely closed by the end of 2021. It will likely be sold at auction to pay off increasing debt. Rumor has it that the Fertitta family is interested in that dirt.


Covid makes the economy great.


"Covid makes the economy great." Sonic, Chick Fil A, UPS, FedEx, and Amazon would agree.


Just so you know, your article is incorrect about two key facts. First, Stage and Gordman’s stores are owned by Stage Stores, Inc. in Houston, Texas, not Gordon Brothers/Hilco Merchant Resources (who own entirely separate retail chains). Second, Burke’s Outlet is owned by Beall’s, Inc. which is a completely separate entity from the Bealls stores owned by Stage Stores, Inc. (which is closing down). So no, it wouldn’t be mentioned in Stage Stores’s press release since it’s not affiliated with that company. Stage Stores only owns Stage, Beall’s, Palais Royal, Peebles, and Goody’s - and most recently, the Gordman’s off-price chain.


" Stage and Gordman’s stores are owned by Stage Stores, Inc. in Houston, Texas" Correct and that is how the Fertitta family (Landry's Inc.) also based in Houston came to know the plans to liquidate the properties in Laughlin. As usual, Tillman is 6 months to a year ahead of his competition for acquiring distressed properties and has the cash to do any deal that is less than $1 billion.and financing in place to do any deal period. I wouldn't be surprised if Landry's doesn't buy up at least two of the casino/hotels in Laughlin that continue to struggle to survive. And you can "bet" it will be when the "Price Is Right". Hint: The Pioneer Casino/Hotel has been on their radar since March. that would be a perfect spot for expansion of the Golden Nugget similar to what they did with the "Rush Tower" in Las Vegas. Brand new upscale joint to cater to the 20-40 year old crowd that is "sick" of messing with Vegas and wants the Vegas feel in a much better "setting" right on the river. Its about time Laughlin re-invented itself to market especially to the AZ and So-Cal younger folks that don't want the drive all the way to Vegas.


Love the 5 way interchange at the parking lot entrance.


Wouldn’t it be nice if a Burlington would go in there!


"Burlington" is 1980s thinking as is the whole "indoor mall" concept. Those days are LONG gone. That building could have used some of the explosives that went off in Lebanon yesterday.


What a shame to think of the loss jobs. Hopefully things will work out for everyone.

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