Fort Mohave Starbucks

A construction crew works on a new Starbucks store in Fort Mohave. The store, near the intersection of Aztec Road and Highway 95, is expected to open in the spring.

FORT MOHAVE — A new Starbucks is being built on Highway 95 and Aztec Road in Fort Mohave.

This makes it the sixth Starbucks location in the Bullhead City/Fort Mohave area to be built.

“Starbucks is always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of our customers and are happy to confirm that we will be opening a new location at Highway 95 and Aztec Road this spring,” said a Starbucks spokesperson. “The store will employ approximately 25 partners (employees) and will also offer customers a drive-through experience.”

Currently, there are two Starbucks locations in the area, one inside Safeway and the other inside Smith’s Food & Drug.

“We have no store closing plans to announce in the area at this time,” said the Starbucks spokesperson.

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Dumb! This coffee thing is getting out of control. Before learning what was being built at that location, people I know had so many hopes for what it might be and that it would be something useful, but no, once again. At that intersection there will now be 3 Starbucks and just up the road another block is Human Bean, ridiculous.


Dear kenoj, what exactly would make everyone happy? [unsure]

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