PHOENIX — The State Bar of Arizona’s Board of Governors is accepting applications from non-lawyers to fill four seats on its board. The application deadline is March 22.

Participation of public members is essential to the State Bar’s mission of serving and protecting the public with respect to the provision of legal services and access to justice, and its efforts of making sure the people of Arizona have a strong voice in the legal system.

A total of four public members, who serve staggered three-year terms, sit on the 30-member board. The board establishes the vision, strategic priorities and policies of the association and ensures that there are sufficient resources for its successful management and operations.

Applicants for the public member positions may be from any county within Arizona; must not be members of the State Bar of Arizona; and must not have, other than as a consumer, a financial interest in the practice of law.

Individuals with experience in human resources or finance, or who have previous experience serving on professional boards or in the consumer protection field, are encouraged to apply.

Members of the Board of Governors attend about eight half-day meetings each year. Meetings are usually held on the third Friday of the month at the State Bar’s office in Phoenix. Preparation in advance of the meetings, including review of related materials, is essential. In addition, members attend the Bar’s annual convention in June and a two-day retreat in July. Board members also serve on standing board committees. Travel and meal expenses are paid for all meetings, but there is no other compensation for service as a board member.

An application form must be submitted to the State Bar by March 22. The form can be found at or by contacting Carrie Sherman at 602-340-7201 or at

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