KINGMAN — A Kingman woman filed an application Friday to recall Mohave County Sup. Jean Bishop.

Jennifer Jones-Esposito, who also owns property in Golden Valley, filed the application with the county elections office seeking to recall Bishop, the District 4 supervisor. Jones-Esposito is one of Bishop’s constituents in the district.

Jones-Esposito has until June 22 to collect 2,897 signatures. Bishop was appointed by the board in June 2014 to take over the vacant District 4 seat after Sup. Joy Brotherton died in May 2014.

Signatures will be verified by voter registration and the elections office. If the required number of signatures are verified, Bishop will have five days to either resign or face a Nov. 6 election.

Jones-Esposito’s application says that Bishop has engaged in a pattern and practice of failing to be attentive to the concerns of her constituents and advocating against their best interest.

“As the constitutional conservative candidate currently running for the Arizona House of Representatives, I realize that this is a bold move, however, I feel a moral obligation to act at this time on behalf of all the taxpayers in Mohave County,” Jones-Esposito said. Jones-Esposito announced her candidacy for a Congressional District 5 House seat last year.

“As a small government fiscal conservative, I find Supervisor Bishop’s socialist voting record to be abhorrent. I have watched her crusade to raise taxes, raise rates, and grow government at nearly every opportunity. Instead of reaching out to constituents who do not agree with her, Supervisor Bishop belittles them and treats them with contempt, even retaliating against those who dissent,” Jones-Esposito said.

She said the timing of her action was to give voters “the opportunity to do something about it before the next budget process begins.”

Jones-Esposito said her decision to start the recall procedure “is not about me, it’s about the voters.

“Either way, the voters will have their say.”

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This is a necessity, she not fit for this position, she is a negative to the County


Drain the swamp

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