KINGMAN — A Superior Court judge reluctantly sentenced a Bullhead City man Thursday, who had been arrested in a drug raid, to more than a dozen years in prison.

Eric Leigh Stock, 51, pleaded guilty in April to three counts of child abuse by domestic violence, two counts of possession of dangerous drugs and one count of sale of dangerous drugs in two 2019 cases and a 2018 case.

Superior Court Judge Billy Sipe Jr. questioned the concurrent sentence for the drug possession charge in the 2018 case, arguing the drug offense took place in 2017 about two years before the charges in the two 2019 cases.

But in the interest of justice of resolving cases short of a trial, Sipe finally accepted the concurrent sentence. The judge said because of the COVID-19 pandemic, about 200 jury trials have been backlogged in Superior Court. Jury trials are expected to resume in June.

Stock’s attorney, Sandra Carr, argued that her client had an ongoing drug addiction.

In justifying a concurrent sentence, Deputy Mohave County Attorney Amanda Claerhout said the 2018 case was a simple drug possession.

Sipe reluctantly sentenced Stock to the stipulated 13-year prison sentence for the six felonies in the three cases.

The 2018 case involved the possession of methamphetamine. One 2019 case occurred in June at his El Monte home. Three children under the age of 15 were present in the room while a drug transaction took place.

The other 2019 case occurred in August at the El Monte home. Officers from several agencies raided that residence and three other homes, where they found about 10 pounds of methamphetamine and more than a pound of heroin.

In the August 2019 drug raid, officers found a house with no air conditioning, little furniture and no fans in the children’s bedroom with temperatures reaching 85 degrees. The children either were sleeping on the floor or on dirty laundry. The children also were in the presence of knives, hypodermic needles and a digital scale. The house also was covered in trash and dog feces.

Stock was arrested in Aug. 25, 2006, after a wild police chase in Bullhead City. He was driving without headlights near Clearwater Drive, which started the chase.

When he pulled into a parking lot, as officers approached him, Stock drove his car, hitting one police car and trying to hit another. An officer suffered a concussion and shoulder injuries.

Stock sped away, trying to hit other police cars that joined the chase, until he drove his car into the Colorado River and tried to swim across to Nevada. Stock was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison. He was released from prison in October of 2018.

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Desert Bat

any ideas on how many homes get burglarised, car wrecks, kids abused, divorces and otherwise ruined relationships, lost (job) productivity, and overall cost to society is represented by ten pounds of meth and a pound of heroin? Even if this guy does the max over the judge's reluctance, it will only be a couple years more than the ten-year minimum which Arizona's Legislature has deemed appropriate for a single photo which can be deemed child pornography.

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