Six-year-old “Action Jackson” Perry became the newest member of the striper fraternity with a 2.86-pound fish caught in the upper Big Bend area.


BULLHEAD CITY — The thrill of fishing isn’t confined to those who catch the monsters. Catching any fish can be a thrill for anglers of all ages.

“Vincent Contreras has his first stripers ever,” said Rusty Braun, providing a picture that included Contreras with Chris Vasquez and Ben Aleman with a total of 15 stripers of various sizes. They caught the fish from Aleman’s boat in the lower Big Bend area.

Another angler, 6-year-old “Action Jackson” Perry, got his first striper as well, a memorable 2.86 pounder caught on anchovies from a friend’s boat in the upper Big Bend area.

David Nader caught a couple of stripers — one a 3-pounder — in the Colorado River Nature Center area, using anchovies from the shore.

“What we are mostly getting is the schooling stripers, a lot of them in the trout size, like a pound or so,” said Braun, proprietor of Riviera Marina in Bullhead City. “With the limit of 10 below Davis Dam, you can make some great meals with that size fish.

“The story goes like this: Some say throw back the small ones so they will get bigger and some say keep your catch so the others will grow bigger. Right now, there are a lot of the smaller stripers running in the river. These smaller fish seem to get to the bait furst but hold on as there are some larger fish out there.”

Braun said fishing news from Lake Mohave has been mostly striper action near the coves by the dam and just below the power lines and some catfish activity as well.

“Not much word from Topock Marsh as of yet,” he said.

If you are having any luck — or skill, for that matter — share the story with Braun by calling 928-763-8550 or stopping in at Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd.

“Now, go catch a fish,” he said.

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