KINGMAN — The youngest of three defendants has been given the lightest sentence for her involvement in the robbery of a man at Rotary Park in Bullhead City last summer. 

Mohave County Judge Billy Sipe placed Meghan Holley, 16, on supervised probation for three years during a Monday sentencing hearing in Kingman.

Sipe previously ordered five years in prison and one year in jail, respectively, for co-defendants, Cody Turner, 20, and Anthony Stevens, 23.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Jaimye Ashley provided the factual basis of the case during Turner’s sentencing hearing in March. Ashley told the court that Holley was Turner’s girlfriend and 15 years old when she fabricated a story that another man had tied her up and raped her.

Ashley said Holley helped lure the falsely accused man to the park as part of Turner’s plan to scare and intimidate him and impose some vigilante justice. Stevens reportedly emerged from out of sight to engage the victim along with Turner while Holley was directed to another area where she was not further involved in the encounter.

Authorities said a firearm was brandished as the victim was ordered to hand over his cell phone and car keys. The gun was used to smash out a window of the victim’s vehicle.

Holley’s attorney, Eric Engan, reminded Sipe that the victim was not hurt, though frightened by the ordeal. He argued that his client was the least culpable of the trio.

Sipe agreed, saying he was encouraged to hear that Holley was back in school, going to church, attending counseling sessions and maintaining employment in the food service industry.

In lieu of jail, Sipe ordered Holley to perform 100 hours of community work service and expressed hope that she would stay committed to her personal betterment campaign. She was convicted of armed robbery through a plea agreement.

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How could she have been the least culpable? Had it not been for the lie that she used to manipulate her boyfriend into robbing someone, this crime would never have occurred. She masterminded and instigated this crime. The fact that two others physically carried out this crime should be irrelevant.

Mrs Perez

I couldn't agree more with you she was the one who set the whole thing up according to this article sounds like she should be equally if not more so held accountable for her involvement...


"Turner’s girlfriend and 15 years old". What do you people not understand about "justice and mercy?" The girl was (and still is) a minor child, under the influence of an older boyfriend, the crime was not violent AND she helped convict the others AND she has turned her life around since then, And you believe she should be sent to prison? Wow, I'm sure that experience would be really beneficial to the the rest of her life..learning how to do drugs, have sex with other inmates and likely guards, and no positive reinforcement at all. And there is no way in the world she would come out as a better "person" than when she went in. Thank God the judge has a better sense of justice than you two.


Once again Sipe has his head up his ***!! He's good at being heavy handed in cases he shouldn't be and then turns around and gives sweetheart deals where he should put the hammer down.

I feel bad for the next victim of this little thug in training.. and mark my words, there will be more victims!


Let me get this straight. A 15 year old (19th grader) girl that is likeley heavily controlled by a 20 year old MAN and his buddy in plotting this crime should get hammered by the judge? And you can't dismiss the the fact that she was not involved in any violence and admitted guilt AND has evidently turned her life around already? As far as this little "thug" in training, which punishment would be least likely that she will commit more crimes in the future. A "second" chance with a few weeks of community service and continued high school and church or locked in a prison with a bunch of REAL criminals for a year or two? I'll let her pick up trash and take care of the stray animals at the shelter any day for her. You can be as vindictive as you want.


"likely" heavily controlled by a 20 year old MAN. Way to make an assumption early to push the rest of your statement. Too many things today are based upon assumptions + feelings instead of facts in due process. Fortunately for you, you got what you wanted out of it while the others question the relevance of facts in regard to the decisions of due process. In the end you feel one way, they feel another. When attempting to argue or sway people away from their personal opinions try using facts instead of an assumptive statement otherwise the argument may be rendered void by many as you start to appear to hold a bias or possibly have a personal affiliation with her.


Siyrah: The ONLY reason that a 20 year old dude dates a 15 year old girl is "because" he can easily control her. Ask any parent or psychologist. So that part of my opinion is "very" likely a fact. And even without knowing any of the parties I would "bet" on it. Would you take that wager?

Mrs Perez

Sorry but the only reason that they were even in the situation was because this 15 year old cried rape so we're going to go ahead and over look the fact that she did this and also set the whole thing up? If it is ok to let a young impressionable female know that crying rape has no consequence thus allowing her to do this again for no reason then I'm sorry I must be wrong she should know that false accusations have no consequence...


"15 year old cried rape" and she likely did so for one reason. Her boyfriend probably told her too! Do you really think she is the the mastermind of this whole crime? And I guarantee she had "consequences" like spending at least a day or two in jail, the cops and DA grilling her and scaring her to death with threats of prison time and whatever her parents did to her. And likely the main reason the judge (that knows this case inside and out) handed out this sentence was because she has turned her life around by distancing from the boyfriend, going back to school and church and starting over. Which to you is better for her, a few hundred hours of community service picking up trash or taking care of stray dogs and cats at the local shelter or getting thrown in jail with a bunch of REAL criminals to likely get raped everyday she's there?

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