KINGMAN — A 14-year-old girl died after running out of water and suffering severe heat-related illness while hiking with family members in Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu City Fire Department personnel responded at 10:53 a.m. Sunday after learning a teenager was in distress.

The victim, who was about 100 yards from the SARA Park Trailhead, was rushed to Havasu Regional Medical Center. Fire department spokeswoman Terrie Haas said she did not know and was not at liberty to indicate how much time transpired before the girl died. The fire department said the temperature was 111 at the time of the call.

The child’s name and hometown were withheld, though it was noted she is from another state. The Mohave County Medical Examiner was unable to provide additional information.

“The hiker had been hiking with a group of six family members for approximately three hours when she was unable to continue due to heat-related illness,” Haas said. “The Lake Havasu City Fire Department cannot stress enough that if you desire to hike in the summer months, it is important to start early, carry plenty of water, know the area you are hiking in, advise others of your plan, carry a fully charged cell phone, and most of all know your limits. Hiking during extreme heat advisories is not recommended.”

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Michael 777

Truly heartbreaking..

Linda rhoutsong

Did all 6 of them run out of water? Most moms or dads would give up theirs for a struggling child. This is so sad.

Desert Bat

a three-hour hike with kids in the desert during a July heat wave, got it.

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