BULLHEAD CITY — Community Park was filled with about 5,000 people Sunday, the middle of a three-day holiday weekend.

Across the highway were City Manager Toby Cotter and Dave Heath, the city’s parks and recreation superintendent.

They were watching the vehicles slowly rolling into Community Park as they prepared to help set up space on the other side of Highway 95 for beachgoers and people who simply wanted some time outside on a comfortably warm and sunny day.

“There are a lot of families,” Cotter said as he assisted with the parking control. “We’ll make sure the families get across (the highway) safely.”

About 100 vehicles had to be parked in the overflow area across the street.

Earlier this month, the city began charging people who live outside of Bullhead City for use of Community Park on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

A family from Las Vegas snapped up one of the best spots to see a wide span of the Colorado River uphill from the beach and behind the Bullhead City Area Chamber of Commerce Building. It also was a shady location.

They decided not to set up on the beach because it was crowded when they arrived around 10 a.m. Davis Camp was too full, so the group of several people — including some youths — drove the short distance to Community Park.

“It’s a good day to people-watch,” said J.P. Kala, as she sat with family and took in the view.

Hawaiian music was playing. Some of the group were snacking as they looked out at the river hubbub.

Along the beach, tents were close together in areas. Some people said it didn’t matter because they were outdoors. Others were with relatives and weren’t concerned about catching COVID-19. Some beachgoers though were wearing masks.

Non-residents also were being charged for parking at Rotary Park, which was far from filled up by mid-afternoon Sunday but much busier than on a normal Sunday.

Today is Memorial Day. Area beaches certainly won’t be deserted, but not as many people are expected to be in them — and not for as long — on Monday. 

The predicted high temperature today is 100 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Charging non-Bullhead City residents for parking at Community and Rotary parks will occur again today. Whether the fee continues next weekend at Rotary will be determined after Memorial Day, Heath said.

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Do Fort Mohave families have to pay to park at Rotary and community?


[thumbdown] Are they charging walk-ins? Part of me doesn't like it that they're charging 20 bucks to fish from the beach (Fri morning). How would you feel if they only charged bullhead residents if they came to one of kingmans great city parks? (Okay, I almost couldn't type that from laughing so hard!) But part of me loves the idea! Actually, I think BHC should charge $50 a car, still cheaper than the county's Davis camp @ $40 PER Person.

BHC has some totally awesome parks and I love using them, but seeing how they are treated by the 'visitors' come Monday (Or tues) makes my blood boil!! [censored] and I live in kingman. Every weekend it's the same kinda trash that caused the end of the regatta... and by trash, I mean people.[thumbdown]


GREAT idea to charge non-residents for using your parks! And you might want to also consider "surge" pricing based on expected demand (similar to how casino/hotels price their rooms). Not sure how you are defining "residents" but I'm hoping you are including your neighbors across the river as although they don't pay property taxes in BHC or Mojave Valley I guarantee they pays a LOT of sales tax buying stuff like groceries and cheaper gas. Go ahead and jam the CA plates at least double. You don't need those people at all. Let them invade Havasu instead.

Desert Bat

maybe one of the soon-to-be-closed-forever casinos in Laughlin should be re-named The Hotel California, with special features and pricing for them - i.e., The Transgender Floor, Leftist Cafe, etc.


California residents provide a huge influx of cash to BHC and nearby areas. I realize there are some who don’t respect the campgrounds and they should be banned. However the vast majority of visitors respect the river and campgrounds as if it were their own. Without California visitors, many merchants in town wouldn’t exist and nor would the jobs they provide.


I'll bet the CA people buy ALL their gas in AZ. At least the smart ones do. Why do they even have gas stations in Needles anyway? For ignorant fools I guess.


I like the fact that charges have been initiated for the beaches in BHC, but feel that Mohave County should not be charge as we pay our taxes and most of the time we can't even enjoy our own clean beaches. By the time the small, summer population of Mohave Valley get to the beaches, people from California already have the best spots. Continue the charges! At least we can hope to pay for their disregard for the cleanliness of the beaches. Also, if people are caught leaving trash, there should be additional charges.

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