Traffic lights at Corwin & Highway 95

Traffic lights are operating at the intersection of Highway 95 and Corwin Road. In July of 2019, the Bullhead City Council approved a bid of more than $649,000 by McCormick Construction to install the lights and make other improvements. Work at the location began in January. Improving traffic safety and allowing better access to vehicles moving from Corwin onto the highway, as well as for drivers traveling south on the highway who want to make a left turn from the highway onto Corwin, are among reasons cited for these changes. Left turns onto Corwin from the highway are controlled with a raised median and a protected signal. Protected medians and signaling will aid drivers leaving Corwin who are bound for the highway. Southbound traffic on Highway 95 does not stop, however, for vehicles turning left from Corwin onto the highway.

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Question Bullhead City, is the Hwy not a Hwy? Or are you determined to turn the Hwy into another traffic light congested typical big city street? Enough is enough with the lights, people that live off Corwin knew what they were getting when they decided to move onto or just off of it. Enough with the lights, in fact I'd like to see a ballot initiative that asks the voters if they want any more lights on the Hwy or not. Would you like to guess what the vote would be?


What has happened to the synchronization of the lights on Hwy. 95? It seems to have gotten worse since cameras were installed. No justification for some of the backups when there is no cross traffic.

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