Martin Ortiz

Martin Ortiz, a pet first aid/CPR instructor, is bringing pet emergency medical training to the Tri-state in a partnership with We Care for Animals.


BULLHEAD CITY — Safe Pet, a pet first aid/CPR program, is partnering with We Care for Animals, a Tri-state animal advocacy agency, to bring emergency training to the area.

Martin Ortiz, a pet first aid/CPR instructor, is a 10-year U.S. Army veteran who learned lifesaving skills while in the armed forces. He is bringing his knowledge, training and compassion for animals with the purpose of helping owners confidently attend to their pet’s emergency needs.

Ortiz completed an intensive nine-week pet first aid and CPR instructor training course so that he could be certified to teach animal life-saving skills.

Denise Fleck, also known as the Pet Safety Crusader, noted that “Nine out of 10 dogs and cats will experience a health emergency at some point in their lives. Knowing what to do before veterinary care is available is vital in helping them remain your faithful companion for years to come.”

Ortiz noted the lack of 24-hour emergency pet care in the Tri-state.

“Since it is a considerable distance to 24-hour emergency care in our community, these classes will hopefully save canine and feline lives,” he said.

Martin said among topics in the class will be snake bites, heat-related conditions and rescue breathing.

“We are excited to join forces with We Care for Animals, which helps community cats in our area,” he said.

For more information on Safe Pet, call 928-296-2293 or visit

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